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24 courses in this category:

14-15 Oct 2015
GBP 1215.00

Abridged Applications

Abridged Applications, The Regulator and the Industry view, an intensive course examing the current requirements and current problems for those with a basic knowledge of the application procedure.

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21-23 Sep 2015
GBP 1700.00

Advanced Pharmacovigilance

Due Diligence
Training for Drug Safety, reporting duties, audits and expectations, risk based inspections
The DDPS retirement and the New PV Master File in the EU
Compliance and Drug Safety
Product Safety Reviews, purpose and function (incorporating the new EU Signal Analysis requirements)
Developing Company Core Safety Information CIOMS lll

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24 Sep 2015
GBP 590.00

An Essential Overview of the Medical Device Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is increasingly developing Device combination products and looking to use novel methods of drug enhance the performance of medicine and as a part of life cycle management. .Medical Devices are also being employed to monitor compliance in clinical trials and post marketing as well as being being used to monitor patients in trials. This one day workshop aims to give all the key information necessary to understand the regulation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics and to appreciate the key differences from Pharmaceutical regulation.

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25 Sep 2015
GBP 590.00

An Essential Overview of the Pharmaceutical Industry

This programme will give you an invaluable overview of the Pharmaceutical industry, from discovery of the molecule through development to marketing

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24-25 Nov 2015

Clinical Trial Regulatory Guideline Requirements

Are you up to date with the regulatory requirements for clinical research in Europe? Do you understand the impact of the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation? The EU Clinical Trials Regulation was finalised and published by the Official Journal of the EU in May 2014 and is due to come into force in 2016. This new regulation will replace the European Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC). This course will provide an essential understanding to help with compliance for clinical trials, particularly carried out in the EU

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Dry Powder Inhalers: Annual Conference

Dry Powder Inhalers, Key annual conference for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Professionals in the DPI market,

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EU Pharmaceutical Regulations

This course will provide you with an up-tp-date overview of the European pharmaceutical regulatory environment, procedures and obligations. You will learn about the legal basis of regulation, how the registration procedures work, the format fo presentation of data and the importance of pre-submission actions and post authorisation obligations. There will be discussion on US differences.

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How to Write SOPs

An essential course for ensuring compliance with Regulatory Requirements. Will be of particularly relevatn for Pharmacovigilance, Reegulatory Affairs, Clinical Research/Operations, GMP, QA and Document Management Functions

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19 Oct 2015

How to Write SOPs, Dubai

How to Write Sops, An Essential Course of Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory Requirements. Topics to be covered include How to write concise and user friends SOPs, Understanding how to prepare the contents of SOPs. How to implement, manage and review SOPs effectively, how to ensure your SOPs incorporate appropriate regulatory requirements, plus how to design effective SOP training

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Improving Processes and CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Action)

This meeting will cover CAPA methodology and documentation, diagnosing process improvement, developing options for process improvement and CAPA and planning and implementation in practice of improvements and CAPA

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12-13 Oct 2015
GBP 1299.00

Pharmaceutical Packaging, Labelling and Artwork Origination

This meeting has been designed to present a number of important developments in pharmaceutical packaging and labelling from regulations, standardisation, technology, innovation and artwork origination.

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Pharmaceutical Registration Strategies in Europe & the US for Generics & Super Generics

This course has been specifically designed to address the training needs of those who are or will be involved in the preparation of development plans and/or registration dossiers for generics.

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Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in the Middle East

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in the Middle East

This seminar will provide you with an essential overview of the key areas of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs in the Middle East. This two day course will focus on practical aspects to assist with regulatory affairs in the region. The course will include interactive discussion sessions to allow you to exchange experiences with other delegates.

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18-19 Oct 2015

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in the Middle East, Dubai

How to write SOPs Dubai. SOPs play a crucial role in compliance with regulations. It is therefore essential that they are well written and easy to use by the end-users. If SOPs are not followed correctly, the validity of data generated is compromised, leading to inspection findings and non-compliance issues which could lead to delays in bringing a drug/device tgo market. This SOP course has been specifically designed to help you develop the skills to write and produce the content SOPs, review and implement SOPs to ensure you are able to comply in a regulated environment. You will come away with the confidence to use a process to write, update and implement SOPs which can easily be used by the end users.

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THis course aims to provide basic training for those concerned with pharmacovigilance. New entrants as well as experienced operators in drug safety monitoring will benefit from the mixture of scientific knowledge and practical guidance. In addition, detailed information will be provided on regulatory developments, pharmaceutical physicians and drug safety officiers. It will also be of direct benefit to all those who are involved and interested in the daily practice of pharmacovigilance.

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Pharmacovigilance for Support Staff

An introductory course aimed at Administrators, Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Support Staff working in the Pharmaceutical industry. Good drug safety and pharmacovigilance practice are vital for the successful development, marketing and defence of pharmaceutical products. This Management Forum seminar aims to provide an overview of the pharmacovigilance process for support staff who work directly or indirectly in this area. This invaluable course will provide an overview of the processes involved, discuss the roles and responsibilities involved as well as explaining key terminology.

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24-25 Sep 2015
GBP 1175.00

Regulatory Affairs for Support Staff

Regulatory Affairs for support staff , this two day course provides an introduction to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and the basics of drug development and has been designed specifically for those working in a support role. You will gain an overview of EU regulatory procedures required to register products in Europe and the regulatory activities that need to be complied with to keep products on the market. Pharmacovigilance and safety reporting will be covered as well as license variations and the commercial aspects of Pharmaceutical products. The course will provide a thorough grounding in the subject of Regulatory Affairs and enable you to perform in your role more effectively.

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5-6 Oct 2015
GBP 1275.00

Regulatory Affairs in Africa - Including South Africa

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in Africa including South Africa, Algeria, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lamawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. THis meeting will be of particular interest to those who need to learn about successful marketing authorisation applications and regulatory compliance in English speaking Africa. It will be useful as both an introductory or a refresher course on recent developments.

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Signal Detection and Regulatory Expectations

This course will provide an overview of all aspects of safety reviews and signal detection within a company and will cover signal evaulation for both innovator and generic products

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20-22 Oct 2015
GBP 2100.00

Successful Medical Writing

Succesful Medical Writing. Success in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the speed and efficiency of new drug approvals. This process largely relies on the quality of documentation submitted to the regulatory authorities, and a high standard of medical writing plays a vital role in ensuring success. This intensive practical medical writing course will benefit participants by enabling them to achieve this standard.

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20-21 Oct 2015

Successful Pharma Project Management, Dubai

Successful Pharma Project Management, the leading project management course designed specificaly for the Bio/Pharma and Medical Device industries.

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10-11 Sep 2015
GBP 1200.00

The FDA Drug Approval Process

General introduction and important information on FDA Procedures requirements for marketing authorizations and recent developments affecting the drug approval process in the US

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20-21 Oct 2015
GBP 1275.00
USD 1989.00

The New Saudi Arabian Pharmacovigilance Guidelines of June 2015, Dubai

The new KSA pharmacovigilance guidelines were issued in May 2015 with their introduction on 27th June 2015. There are fundamental changes to Pharmacovigilance practice described in these guidelines which very much follow the EU guidelines, issued and implemented in June 2012. This intensive 2 day course will look at the various new topics and their practical application from the perspective of the introduction of the EU Guidelines. The course will include experiences of Inspections and audits following implementation and what the main focus points will be.

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7-9 Oct 2015

The Pharma Mini MBA

Pharma Mini MBA this intensive guide to all that is “Best and Most Practical” on an MBA course – will specific focus on teh Pharmaceutical sector . It is also of value, either to gain the most useful aspects of an MBA, or an an “MBA taster”. It will provide a foundation of the essential MBA elements to apply directly to your role. The Bio/{harmaceutical industry requires employees within the industry requires employees wtihin the industry to focus on successful leadership and business management skills which this programme is designed to give you.

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