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Management Forum holds UK Solicitors Regulation Authority self-accreditation for all relevant Intellectual Property seminars and conferences. On average a one day IP seminar offers 6 hours CPD under the UK SRA scheme. Please see individual brochure for further details.

ITMA accreditation is sought for all Trade Mark seminars and conferences. Please see individual brochures for further details. For all IP accreditation queries please contact us

14 courses in this category:

29-30 Oct 2015
GBP 975.00

14th Annual Conference for Senior Patent Administrators

On the agenda this year: – European Patent Formalities Update – The Unified Patent and the Unified Patent Court – US Patent Formalities – PCT Update.

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Advanced Drafting Techniques for Successful EPO Patent Applications

Many patent applications and patents are lost before the EPO, either before Opposition Divisions or before Appeal due to incorrect original drafting, and added subject matter is a recurrent problem. Amendments made during the grant procedure to incorporate new prior art, amount to added subject-matter, often fatal in opposition procedure before the EPO, and in nullity proceedings before national courts. Sufficienty of disclosure can also be a problem, as if initial disclosure is insufficient, amending it can amount to adding subject-matter.

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1-2 Dec 2015
GBP 998.00

Advanced PCT Formalities

Advanced PCT Formalities

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24-25 Sep 2015
GBP 975.00

Annual Conference for Senior Trade Mark & Design Administrators

Senior Trade Mark & Design Administrators, speakers from WIPO discussing the Madrid and Hague systems, from OHIM discussing the guidelines, also
presentation about differences between US and EU practice and what to do about them.

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Effective Defence of EPO Patent Applications

Clarity in drafting patent applications has always been a serious issue: Complete clarity is required to distinguish the subject-matter of a claim from prior art, and an unclear claim can be interpreted to the disadvantage of the applicant or proprietor.

The ‘problem/solution’ approach is not officially part of the EPC, but is a criterion which has been developed by case law. It is now is hard to find a decision of the Boards of Appeal which do not rely on the problem/solution approach in order to decide upon inventive step. It looks easy, but when applied, it should be applied correctly.

The purpose of the seminar is to teach delegates the essentials of clarity, and the most effective use of the problem/solution-approach, giving delegates an edge over other parties.

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Freedom to Operate

Be prepared for the FTO questions that will be raised by your client/company when they want to use the new technology or expand existing technology. understand the FTO questions you should ask to make the most of your time and budget. Best practices for setting up and conducting analysis. Insight into infringement and validity analysis in Europe and US

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How to Successfully Conduct Oral Proceedings at the EPO

Oral proceedings are appointed in the majority of appeal cases, and in many opposition and examination cases, and so a European patent attorney will almost certainly at some point have to attend oral proceedings, either to defend a client’s invention or to attack a patent held by a competitor. To defend your client’s interests correctly and competently it is vital to know what to expect at this European level and to be property prepared for it.

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IP Due Diligence

How to prepare for your due diligence project, identify when a due diligence project is desirable, learn to evaulate the patent and trade mark portfolios to ensure as much transparency as possible. Understand your obligations.

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22 Sep 2015
GBP 598.00

Patent Protection for Software-Related and Business-Related Inventions in Europe and the US

TOPICS TO BE COVERED AT THIS SEMINAR – Developments in Europe for computer-related inventions – Latest US strategies post-Bilski, post-Alice and under the USPTO’s most recent guidelines – Global drafting and prosecution tactics for these technologies – Workshop questions, answers and discussion of examples

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SPCS for Beginners

- Gain a comprehensive overview of Supplementary Protection Certificates SPCs) in Europe – Discuss the key differences between SPCs in Europe and patent term extensions in major territories – Take away practical advice that will not only help you to manage your porfolio but will also help you to avoid pitfalls

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23-25 Nov 2015
GBP 1750.00

Also held on:
23 May 2016

Strategic IP Planning

Strategic IP Planning, Topics covered at this seminar include; Step by step practical guide to Strategic IP Planning, utilising a structured and rationalised IP strategy toolboox, competitive IP Analysis and market positioning. IP SWOT, aligh IP with R&D and business goals, performance benchmarking, measures and KPIs. IP planning as part of your daily role, presenting your plan persuavisely.

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26-27 Nov 2015
GBP 1150.00

Also held on:
12 May 2016

The Art of European Claim Drafting

This seminar combines one day of claim drafting fundamentals with a further day of focused workshops.

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The Patent Summer School

Patents are the most valuable assets of any innovative organisatoin. It is vital to the success and wellbeing of a company that its staff understand the principles, procedures and practices involved in obtaining, challenging, defending and exploiting patents.

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3-4 Dec 2015
GBP 1150.00

Also held on:
16 Jun 2016

US Patent Practice

US Patent Practice, What European patent attorneys need to know

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