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Surveillance Capitalism puts us on our Marx!

It was some time after people first started using another person’s labour to turn a profit, that the process was termed capitalism, the method by which the few were extracting a ‘labour surplus’ from their workers.

Similarly, some time after the big tech companies, like Google and Facebook, started extracting a ‘behavioural surplus’ from their customers, we have now been given a term for it –...

Corporate loyalty - always a good thing?

A psychologist (Julia Shaw) has pointed to what she calls ‘social contagion’ as a source of harm in a business and company context.

What she means is also known as behavioural contagion – a type of social influence. It has been defined as ‘the propensity for certain behaviour exhibited by one person to be copied by others who are either in the vicinity of the original ‘actor’, or who have...

Management Forum named a trusted partner in Findcourses Customer Outreach Awards 2019

It has been a great start to the year for us here at Management Forum. We have been named a trusted partner in Findcourses Customer Outreach Awards in 2019

According to their survey of UK training buyers, 39% expect to be contacted within an hour of making an enquiry. Management Forum met that expectation by responding within sixty minutes of our mystery shop enquiry in October.


The Government's Brexit policy - the least popular answer?

Michael Gove more or less has said that we should get behind Theresa May’s Brexit Deal, because, although it doesn’t give Brexiteers one hundred per cent of what they want, they should settle for it, because the Brexit ‘side’ did not get one hundred per cent of the vote in the 2016 referendum.

This is an interesting argument, isn’t it?

I wonder if he would be happy, for example, to apply...

Power without responsibility

It is the basis of government, seemingly, that politicians in office can leave when they want to. They can resign with immediate effect and they’re off!

Equally, a politician can be summarily dismissed by the PM, just like that, and they’re on their bike with no recourse.

It is the basis of employment that you can’t do either of the above, without notice or justification.

For example, one...


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