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The Government's Brexit policy - the least popular answer?

Michael Gove more or less has said that we should get behind Theresa May’s Brexit Deal, because, although it doesn’t give Brexiteers one hundred per cent of what they want, they should settle for it, because the Brexit ‘side’ did not get one hundred per cent of the vote in the 2016 referendum.

This is an interesting argument, isn’t it?

I wonder if he would be happy, for example, to apply...

Power without responsibility

It is the basis of government, seemingly, that politicians in office can leave when they want to. They can resign with immediate effect and they’re off!

Equally, a politician can be summarily dismissed by the PM, just like that, and they’re on their bike with no recourse.

It is the basis of employment that you can’t do either of the above, without notice or justification.

For example, one...

Skills for the future?

The basic question in education and training is: how best to give individuals the skills they need in order to help themselves and society to develop?

Sathnam Sanghera in his piece for The Times (20th July 2018) addresses this with his usual insight and sagacity.

He is quite right to say that ‘politicians are pushing the sciences and maths at the expense of arts and humanities at the precise...

How to Succeed in Business...

There have been, and always will be, many, many analyses of what makes each different person good at building a business. The trouble is, those doing the analysis try and look for pointers that could be replicated by others looking to achieve similar success.

The trouble is, it isn’t that easy. To even think that you can isolate the common denominators of commercial domination is an illusion...

Taking the Brrr! out of Brexit

Management Forum has put together a must-attend event, to be held on 25th June 2018 in London, which will examine the impact of Brexit on the Pharma and Medical Device industries.

One year out, how are the issues and required actions shaping up operationally?

Those involved in key positions in the Pharma and Medical Technology sectors will have a vital opportunity to hear from these...


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