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The challenges facing pharmaceutical companies and their managers and employees often appear daunting. Over the last decade the evolution in the industry has resulted in unprecedented and far-reaching changes in the way pharmaceutical organisations organise themselves and their work teams.

Outsourcing and sub-contracting, which began with contract packing of actives in the production arena, has extended to back office services, clinical trials and even fundamental research. At the same time that this has transformed how big-pharma operates, it has also created widespread opportunities for innovative pharma and biotech companies to offer services and products to the market.

For those working in pharmaceutical, clinical and biotech companies there has been a sea change in what is required of them. The days of the technical expert working in an isolated lab are long gone. The modern pharma executive needs to be more diverse: part buyer, supplier manager, economist, lawyer and project manager – with first class leadership and negotiation skills too.

The Management Forum commercial suite of programmes, specifically for the pharma sector, brings best practice commercial skills and approaches from across industries into the pharmaceutical world. Using experience from automotive, aviation, engineering, FMCG and retail leaders (to name a few) our expert trainer adapts best practice methods to the pharma environment to create a fast-track path to developing excellence in the skills and techniques needed to perform at the top level.

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