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IP & Patents

Be prepared for the FTO questions that will be raised by your client/company when they want to use the new technology or expand existing technology. understand the FTO questions you should ask to make the most of your time and budget. Best practices for setting up and conducting analysis. Insight into infringement and validity analysis in Europe and US

A one-day *In-house* training programme covering the background and motivations to searching freedom to operate, understanding the background, defining the terms and objectives. Also covered are the fundamentals of FTO search scope and the methods for searching for claimed features and how to understand and report the results from an FTO perspective.

Oral proceedings are appointed in the majority of appeal cases, and in many opposition and examination cases, and so a European patent attorney will almost certainly at some point have to attend oral proceedings, either to defend a client's invention or to attack a patent held by a competitor. To defend your client's interests correctly and competently it is vital to know what to expect at this European level and to be property prepared for it.

An *In-house* training programme on how to prepare for a due diligence project, identify when a due diligence project is desirable, learn to evaluate your, or your clients, patent and trade mark portfolios to ensure as much transparency as possible.

A concise one-day *In-house* training programme for the patents team explaining the practical points to consider regarding SPCs when managing the organisations, or your clients, patent portfolio.

This one-day *In-house* programme will look at the impact of the EU and OECD questions about the integrity of patent box regimes and how this has impacted the UK rules and your organisation.