Intellectual Property

Many patent applications and patents are lost before the EPO, either before Opposition Divisions or before Appeal due to incorrect original drafting, and added subject matter is a recurrent problem. Learn advanced drafting techniques for successful EPO patent applications.

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This two day programme will give you a detailed understanding of the PCT mechanism beyond the basics with practical tips and advice on how to make most efficient use of ePCT

Advanced PCT Formalities

29-30 Nov 2018

Also on: 21 Nov 2019

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This 17th annual ‘must attend’ event has been designed specifically for Senior Patent Administrators. It provides an ideal opportunity to learn about any developments that affect you and your role, to make sure you are up to date on best-practice and are working as efficiently as possible.

Senior Trade Mark & Design Administrators, speakers from WIPO discussing the Madrid and Hague systems, from OHIM discussing the guidelines, also presentation about differences between US and EU practice and what to do about them.

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Biotechnology for the Non Biotechnologist, ideal for non-Scientists and Scientists who need to understand the basic theory, principles, techniques, and potential of biotechnology

Biotechnology for the Non-Biotechnologist

26-28 Sep 2018

Also on: 10 Apr 2019

Focus on the drafting skills and legal and commercial issues to be considered when drawing up international IP agreements

Clarity in drafting patent applications has always been a serious issue. The purpose of the seminar is to teach delegates the essentials of clarity, and the most effective use of the problem/solution-approach, giving delegates an edge over other parties.

Effective Defence of EPO Patent Applications

15 Nov 2018

Also on: 13 Jun 2019

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A two- day seminar for Administrative Staff in the Patent Profession on how to competently prepare an application for filing before the EPO

Formal Requirements of the European Patent System

29-30 Nov 2018

Also on: 20 Jun 2019

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Understanding the background, defining terms and objectives; fundamentals of FTO search scope, methods for searching for claimed features, using basic legal status tools to assist valuation, and understanding and reporting the results from an FTO perspective.

Freedom to Operate Searching

11 Oct 2018

Also on: 6 Feb 2019

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Combined EU/US Patent Applications. This seminar addresses the parallel, but substantially different, rules for drafting and prosecuting patents required by the Examiners and Appeal Boards of the EPO and USPTO.

Understand the impact of IP on pharmaceutical regulatory strategy

Brand new course for 2018

This intensive one-day course will give you many insights into the best practice of organising and conducting an efficient and thorough IP due diligence project.


We can customise this course to meet your requirements.

An intensive update on patent protection for software-related inventions covering all the major developments in European patent law in particular GUI inventions and ‘mixed’ inventions with both patentable and non-patentable subject matter

A new comprehensive and practical two day seminar covering Patentability and State-of-the-art Searching

Patentability and State of the Art Searching

9-10 Oct 2018

Also on: 4 Feb 2019

A step by step practical guide to Strategic IP Planning.

Strategic IP Planning

19-21 Mar 2019

Also on: 24 Sep 2019

This seminar combines one day of claim drafting fundamentals with a further day of focused workshops.

The Art of European Claim Drafting

26-27 Nov 2018

Also on: 15 May 2019

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This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of patent claim interpretation in the USA, UK and Germany.

This course will give you a comprehensive introduction to the role of the Patent Administrator

The Patent Administrator

20 Nov 2018

Also on: 7 Jun 2019

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Patents are the most valuable assets of any innovative organisatoin. It is vital to the success and wellbeing of a company that its staff understand the principles, procedures and practices involved in obtaining, challenging, defending and exploiting patents.

The Patent Summer School

Bespoke training

We can customise this course to meet your requirements.

US Patent Practice, What European patent attorneys need to know. A 2-day highly interactive seminar

US Patent Practice

4-5 Dec 2018

Also on: 13 Jun 2019

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