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Successful Company Secretarial Administration

Strengthen your understanding of the legal obligations and responsibilities of the company secretarial administrator with this programme. Accredited for 18 CPD Hours

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Course overview

Company secretarial duties continue to grow. The seriousness of the role makes it essential to keep up-to-date with changes and new developments

Across six modules the Successful Company Secretarial Administration flexible distance, online learning programme gives practical, easily accessible advice on the role, responsibilities and legal obligations of the company secretary. The course also provides a detailed analysis of a range of legislation such as the Companies Act 2006 which will allow you to further understand the legal implications which could impact upon current business activities.

Programme objectives

This flexible distance and online training programme will provide answers to the following key questions and concerns:

  • What are the legal responsibilities of a Company Secretary?
  • Can the Company Secretary ever overrule the directors?
  • What are the latest developments I need to know about from the Companies Act 2006
  • How do you balance short-term and long-term outcomes taking an impartial and ethical stance?
  • Does a company limited by guarantee differ from other companies?
  • What must happen if a company director is found to be acting illegally?
  • How could a company fall foul of the Bribery Act and what could be the implications for the directors?
  • How can a Company Secretary change the Articles and why would they need to?
  • What is the Company Secretary’s role at a Board Meeting?
  • What is the legal requirement about keeping minutes in meetings?
  • How do the new model articles differ from Table A?
  • What is the law about the execution of documents?
  • What rights do shareholders have?

It will take you through every aspect of the role and responsibilities from start to finish and ensure that you fully understand the full scope of the duties. This programme stands apart from the competition by dealing with a full range of difficult and potentially damaging issues, as well as the essentials of the company secretary’s responsibilities.

Course benefits include:

  • 18 CPD hours
  • Full details of the role, responsibilities and statutory duties
  • Highlighted rules and best practice on governing meetings to ensure that you fulfill your duties professionally and lawfully
  • A comprehensive update on the implications of the Companies Act 2006
  • Answers to your self-assessment questions at the end of each module
  • A jargon-free format, no legalese, just clear explanations of what the law means
  • Outline of how your company can fall foul of the Bribery Act and the implications for the directors


Successful Company Secretarial Administration
Successful Company Secretarial Administration
Module 1 - The Role
The Position of Company Secretary
The statutory registers and execution of documents
Module 2 - Everything you need to know about shares
Dividends and interest payments
Share capital and shareholders
The issue of shares and the reduction of share capital
Debentures and loan stock
Transfer and Transmission of Shares
Module 3 - The Mem and Arts and When a Company Goes Down
Articles and the Company Constitution
Receivership and administration
Winding up and striking off
Module 4 - Rules and best practice for governing meetings
General meetings and members' resolutions
Board meetings and the way that directors make decisions
Module 5 - Dealing with Companies House
The confirmation statement
Dealing with Companies House
Module 6 - Understanding Employment Law/HR Issues
Constructive Dismissal
Termination agreements
Termination checklist
National Minimum/ Living Wage
Wage payment
Data Protection
Preservation of Records

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