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Successful Credit Control

Safeguard your cash flow and profitability with direct and timely action using a full knowledge of your legal rights with this on-line course

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Course overview

This six module on-line course will give you everything you need to know about financial statements and the cost of credit, establishing sound credit policies and the latest techniques of efficient collection. It will also fully update you on credit agencies, factoring and insurance as well as some less unusual chasing methods.

It will detail all about legal action, when to go ahead, and then precisely how to act to ensure a successful result. Finally the last module tells you everything you need to know about bankruptcy, winding up, administration and receivership.

      Course benefits include:

      • Processes to minimise your exposure to bad debts and losses
      • Advice on how you can play a significant part in keeping your organisation profitable
      • Clear descriptions of the relationship between financial results, sound credit control policy and efficient collection
      • A route map of when and how to take legal action for the recovery of bad debt
      • Legal strength to your credit control activity by pin-pointing legislative back-up
      • Details of more of the unusual but effective chasing methods

      Designed specifically for:

      • Credit controllers
      • Finance directors and managers
      • Company secretaries
      • Legal advisor
      • Managing directors of SMEs


      Successful Credit Control
      MODULE 1 - Understanding Financial and Management Accounting and Cash Flow
      Balance sheets
      Profit and loss accounts
      Cash flow statements
      Accounting records and systems
      Accounting concepts, policies and standards
      MODULE 2 - Ground Rules for Successful Credit Control Policies
      The cost of credit
      The right attitude for credit control
      The right credit policies
      Opening a new account
      MODULE 3 - Credit Control Systems and Methods
      Effective paperwork
      Collection by telephone
      Overcoming excuses
      Sources of information
      MODULE 4 - Credit Control Using Outside Agencies and Other Techniques
      Credit Agencies
      Credit insurance
      Less usual chasing methods
      Warning signs – danger imminent
      Conditions of sale
      Appendix 1
      Appendix 2
      MODULE 5 - Credit Control and Legal Enforcement
      Legal action – considerations prior to commencement
      Legal action – obtaining judgment
      Legal action – enforcing the judgment
      Appendix 1
      MODULE 6 - Credit Control Issues in Insolvency, Bad Debts and Exports
      Winding up, bankruptcy, administration and receivership
      Bad debts

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