Strategic IP Planning

A step by step practical guide to Strategic IP Planning

24-26 Sep 2019

& 10-12 Mar 2020 , 22-24 Sep 2020

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Course overview

Topics covered at this seminar include step by step practical guide to Strategic IP Planning, utilising a structured and rationalised IP strategy toolbox, competitive IP Analysis and market positioning. IP SWOT, align IP with R&D and business goals, performance benchmarking, measures and KPIs. IP planning as part of your daily role, presenting your plan persuasively.

Topics covered at this seminar:

  • Step-by-step practical guide to strategic IP planning
  • Utilising a structured and rationalised IP strategy toolbox
  • Competitive IP analysis: market positioning
  • IP SWOT: align IP with R&D and business goals
  • Performance: benchmarking, measures and KPIs
  • Defining and prioritising an IP roadmap
  • IP planning as part of your daily role: presenting your plan persuasively

Attendees will have access to some materials prior to the seminar (see documentation paragraph below). Approximately two hours will be required to read through and prepare for this seminar


  • Pre-reading: contains all cases plus facts and data used during examples given by speakers and during teamwork assignments
  • Theory book: contains all the models and frameworks learned during the seminar lectures
  • Practice book: contains all the practical information needed to apply the cases to the frameworks during the teamwork assignments
  • Post-reading: contains all the speaker feedback provided after teamwork assignments, plus extra insights and guidelines to best apply the frameworks to your own environment

Why you should attend

  • Receive practical IP strategy advice from our expert
  • Learn how to use a step-by-step methodology and ‘toolkit’ (DIPS) to set up a successful strategic IP plan
  • Take away practical tips and methodologies that can be used to align your IP with R&D and business goals
  • Benefit from highly interactive sessions including case studies and real-life examples
  • Access an online self-assessment survey to benchmark your (client’s) company readiness regarding IP strategy (optional, included within the seminar fee)

Who should attend

  • IP managers/professionals (in-house and private practice)
  • Non-IP professionals (R&D managers/directors and business managers)
  • In-house lawyers

Programme Day one

Introduction and ice-breaker

IP strategy toolbox: theory

  • Learn the ‘Matrix of IP Strategy Options’
  • Link to IA management and innovation

IP strategy toolbox: theory continued

  • Apply to real-life cases during teamwork assignments
  • Group discussion and feedback

IP strategy-making: introduction

  • The who-what-how of strategic IP planning
  • Introduction to case study – ‘Renewable Energy’
  • Introduction to the 5-step methodology (DIPS)

Step 1: vision setting

  • Define/refine the vision to link IP and business
  • Recourse to the matrix as a dashboard
  • Teamwork and group discussion

Step 2: IP competition analysis

  • Revisit the matrix through the competition landscape
  • IP mapping techniques (mapping, landscaping)
  • Analysis of patent data (lifecycle, competition etc)
  • Teamwork and group discussion

Programme Day two

Step 3: IP SWOT development

  • Gap analysis using the matrix: compare business vision to current own IP
  • High-level audit: methods to assess and rank a company’s portfolio
  • Derive actions to bridge current/desired IP position
  • Teamwork and group discussion

Step 4: IP performance benchmarking and reporting

  • Estimate budget needs for R&D and IP
  • Define IP KPIs to report future success
  • Prioritise actions to define an IP roadmap
  • Review different scenarios
  • Teamwork and group discussion

Step 5: The strategic plan – the outline

  • Integrate outputs of steps 1-4 into a practical, rationalised plan
  • Positioning, actions and measurement
  • Differentiate core v non-core activity for higher performance

Getting buy-in from management for your strategic IP plan

  • Persuading and convincing management
  • Prepare your team’s IP plan presentation to management

Prepare your team’s IP plan presentation to management continued..

Present your plan to management

  • Group discussion: peer evaluation (online) and feedback

From case to reality

  • Re-apply the 5-step methodology (DIPS) to real life
  • Success factors and key challenges
  • Organisational aspects

Programme Day three

Reapply DIPS: lessons learned from others, plus how to cope with complexity in situations and explore flexibility in DIPS solution

  • Identify generic situations
  • Reflect on how to solve these situations using DIPS (teamwork)
  • Present solutions and group discussion

The gradual approach

Reapplying (parts of) DIPS methodology to two real-life scenarios

  • Case 1: advise on portfolio development for a growing SME or a growing business unit
  • Case 2: large portfolio in an established business

Brief introduction to DIPS Online to learn how to handle a large number of strategy projects

Introduction to corporate planning where more than one product or business unit is involved

Corporate IP planning – practical case study session

  • Revisiting the 5-step methodology (DIPS): bottom-up, collegial approach
  • Teamwork: revisiting the case study with extra product lines: consolidate first, SWOT analysis (extended) and making a corporate plan

Further implementation issues toward change

Final questions and recommendations


Arnaud Gasnier

Arnaud Gasnier is founder and CEO of Patentopolis BV. With 20 years experience in IP, he has practiced globally in various IP (patents, trademarks) departments and in various leading roles (Patent Attorney, Licensing Associate, Portfolio Manager, Associate General Counsel) for Swatch, Philips, adidas and Dutch contract research organisation TNO. He is Adjunct Teaching Fellow at University College London. In 2004-2008 he carried out a PhD research project (sponsored by the European Patent Office) on IP management (strategies and tactics, performance measurement, effective in-house interventions). Arnaud is a regular speaker at international conferences and the author of ‘The Patenting Paradox’. He holds a Master of Science in physics, a Master of IP law from a US law school, and an Executive MBA from London Business School. He is also a qualified European Patent Attorney. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 Patentopolis and Arnaud won IP Awards for best IP management, attributed by Acquisition International based on a survey among professionals in the industry. A practical and creative thinker with a multi-disciplinary mind-set, Arnaud enjoys working across borders in terms of disciplines and cultures, and assisting established firms, SMEs and ventures with fostering value creation and capture with IP for long-term benefits and growth.

Find out more about Patentopolis HERE.

Arnaud Gasnier

Dr Arnaud Gasnier is CEO and Founder of Patentopolis BV. He has practiced globally in various IP (patents, trademarks) departments and in various roles (Patent Attorney, Licensing Associate, Portfolio Manager, Associate General Counsel, Assistant Director) since 1997, e.g. for Swatch, Philips, adidas and Dutch contract research organization TNO. He is the author of ‘The Patenting Paradox’ and recently contributed to the last edition of ‘The Handbook of the European IP Management’.

Continuing professional development

This course qualifies for the following CPD programmes:

  • CPD certificate of attendance: 19.50 hours

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24-26 Sep 2019
24-26 Sep 2019 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 1,799.00
EUR 2,519.00
USD 2,806.00
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10-12 Mar 2020
10-12 Mar 2020 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 1,799.00
EUR 2,519.00
USD 2,806.00
+ VAT @ 20.00%
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22-24 Sep 2020
22-24 Sep 2020 Rembrandt Hotel, London
+ VAT @ 20.00%
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Focused, flexible and proactive. Great overview about the topic

Matthias Städeli, Attorney at law, Rentsch Partner Ltd.

Enthusiastic and the cases proposed were extremely well documented (very useful to understand the method). Good course with well thorough content. Looking to put some of this in practice.

Mathias Corboz, IP Manager EMEA, ASSA ABLOY AB

I enjoyed it, the meeting of other people from other companies and the exchange of ideas with them...The slides were good, the speaker enthusiastic and engaging.

Christopher Phanopoulos, Senior Research Manager, Huntsman

I thought that the course gave an in depth overview of a useful tool for assessing a patent portfolio and that the presenter conveyed this tool well.

Sailesh Daswani, IP Manager, ARC Medical Devices Inc.

Very knowledgeable and informed speaker, easy to follow. Content very relevant, interesting and potentially applicable to my world.

Louise Dahlerup Fazlagic, IP Manager, GEA Process Engineering A/S

Great course - really helpful. We will be using what we have learnt

Kati Hudson, Head of IP and contracts, Oxford BioMedica (UK) Limited

Clear, interesting, good combination of lecture and discussions

Ulrikke Asboell, Attorney-at-Law, Onsagers

Enjoyable course with varied experience of delegates. This enriched the experience for me.

Martin Bransby, Head of Research, R&R NAV

Enthusiastic and very confident on subject. Great.

Anu Taivainen, Patent Attorney, Kolster Oy

Very useful, applicable, day 1 was a bit confusing but it all came together on day 2 and 3.

Diana Hoogeboom, Intellectual Property Manager, Intravacc

Simple method is very helpful when initiating the IP strategy. More interactions and less material would be better. Budgeting was not included. Arnaud was easy to talk to.

Nathasha Weerasinghe, Technology Entrepreneur, MAS Innovation

Whilst the course was not what I expected, it was interesting and included some concepts that I had not previously considered and would potentially make use of in the future

Steve Hart, R&D Director, SPD Development Co Ltd