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Powerful Negotiation Skills Training Course

This two-day workshop is for those new to negotiations or for those who wish to refresh and/or enhance their existing negotiation skills.

Course overview

This two-day workshop is for those who wish to refresh and/or enhance their existing negotiation skills and anyone new to negotiation. The workshop will be highly interactive and will include a mix of presentations, exercises and case study scenarios. The programme will cover how to reach win/win solutions where all parties feel the outcome is fair and help you understand not only the process of negotiation but also how to prepare and how and when to use different negotiating styles, strategies and tactics. By the end of the course you will have gained the confidence to be a successful negotiator.

Benefits of attending:

  • Identify your own existing negotiation style and discover some alternative strategies
  • Understand the prerequisites for a successful negotiation n Learn how to plan for an effective negotiation
  • Discuss the phases of the negotiation process
  • Gain an overview of the model of principled negotiation
  • Discover how to use your interpersonal and communication skills to enhance your success in negotiations

Who should attend?

This course will be suitable for anyone involved in negotiation who wishes to improve their current skills. The skills covered during the workshop will be relevant to those who negotiate externally with clients and suppliers as well as those who negotiate with internal colleagues and other departments.


Objectives of the course

Discussion of the two major prerequisites for a successful negotiation

  • Shared needs – both sides need something from the other
  • The right to say ‘no’

What is your current negotiation style?

  • Understand your habits, beliefs and strategies that govern your existing attitudes to negotiation
  • Discuss which strategies can help or hinder in our work negotiations and alternative strategies to help achieve negotiation

Win/win does not mean give in

  • What are the preconceptions about win/win?
  • How do we pursue a true win/win strategy?
  • How to meet and protect our own needs as well as respect the needs of the other party
  • Explore win/win through a demonstration of the psychology with which people approach a negotiation

Negotiation planning

  • Strengths and weaknesses matrix
  • Concession patterns
  • Exploration of options
  • Objectives
  • The importance of the long-term perspective

Understand the phases of a negotiation

A brief outline of the model of principled negotiation

  • Uncovering interests
  • Creating options
  • The human factor
  • Objective standards
  • Alternatives
  • Closure

Case study – role play of a negotiation scenario

Feedback of results and outcomes of each negotiation

Closing remarks including individual learning points from the course

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We do not currently have dates confirmed for this course; please contact us to be informed when it is scheduled; or to discuss running this course on an in-house basis for your staff.

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The speaker was terrific, and the content was relevant and useful.

Victor Khvesenya, Chief Legal Officer, Sollers PJSC, Nov 17

Geoff is very nice and interesting to listen to

Sophie Ledant, Clinical Project Leader, Estetra SPRL, Nov 17