Effective Delegation Skills

A concise one-day seminar about the key principles of delegation, its link to motivation and impact on productivity.

5 Jul 2019

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Course overview

This interactive course will help you to understand how to delegate successfully and use this skill as a tool to motivate your team and increase their productivity. Effective delegation is a valuable skill to master in leadership, as it enables managers to delegate tasks appropriately, develop the skills of their teams and promote team-building. This will enable you to deliver results that your business needs, and ensure its potential for growth and success.

Key topics to be covered:

Understand the meaning of delegation and why it can be difficult
Learn how to delegate efficiently using a planned approach
See the link between delegation and motivation
Examine the difference between delegation and empowerment
Give effective feedback after a task has been completed

This course is also available in-house and can be tailored to your specific needs. Our experts come to you saving you time and money.

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This meeting runs back-to-back with Assertiveness for Maximum Impact on 13 June 2018 and there is a further £100/€140 discount when booked together with this programme.

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Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their skills to gain a better understanding of effective delegation and learn to use this significant tool for successful leadership.


Identify your own learning

What does delegation mean?

Why should we delegate?

Why is delegation often linked with motivation?

  • Discuss the top four main motivating factors, according to Herzberg and McGregor, and how to achieve these through delegation
  1. Job interest
  2. Recognition
  3. Responsibility
  4. Sense of achievement

Examine the difference between delegation and empowerment

  • What are the key differences between delegating and empowering
  • Do you want to ‘empower’ or delegate more effectively
  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of both approach

Guidlines for delegation

  • How to plan your approach to ensure effective delegation of a task
  • What questions will help form your delegation process

Practical case study work – guided role play on delegating a task. Areas to be covered include:

  • Delegating to different team members
  • Planning a delegation
  • Appraising the completed task
  • Post delegation analysis effective feedback for when tasks go well and for when they don’t

Key learning points to take back to tke workplace

Post course action plan


Geoff Marsh

Geoff Marsh is the Managing Director of Dansam Ltd, a training company that began in September 1999. As a trainer and presenter, Geoff has been involved with conferences, seminars and roadshows for organisations such as Air Miles, Regus, Robert Bosch Ltd, Wessex Water, Sun Microsystems, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, London Underground, Forte Hotels, The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils (EPSRC), The Zoological Society Of London, Interserve Project Services Ltd, He has published several books including ‘A Sixty Minute Guide To Powerful Presentations’.

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5 Jul 2019
5 Jul 2019 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 599.00
EUR 839.00
USD 934.00
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