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The Art of European Claim Drafting

This seminar combines one day of claim drafting fundamentals with a further day of focused workshops.

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Course overview

This seminar combines one day of claim drafting fundamentals with a further day of focused workshops. Attendees have the choice of either a mechanical or chemical workshop.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Patentable inventions
  • Prior art and inventive step
  • Sufficiency of disclosure
  • The importance of achieving adequate protection
  • The description and drawings
  • Selection inventions (chemical workshop)
  • Functional claiming (mechanical workshop)
  • Differences and compromises between European and US practice

Attendees will benefit from bringing a copy of the European Patent Convention with them.

Why you should attend

It is crucial to understand the fundamentals and the intricacies of European claim drafting so you are equipped to prove patent infringement and patent validity, especially in multi-jurisdictional patent litigation.

These intensive two days will help you refine your drafting skills and master the art of successfully preparing and defending claims according to European practice. You will learn the techniques to achieve adequate protection while meeting official requirements and analyse the crucial aspects of good description, amendments and interpretation to give you the edge in claims drafting.

The in-depth chemical and mechanical workshops will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt on day one and practise the skills acquired in the safe environment of the training room. There will also be ample opportunity for you to ask the experts your particular questions and find solutions to your specific claim drafting issues.

Who should attend?

  • Patent attorneys in private practice
  • Corporate patent attorneys and lawyers
  • Patent consultants and managers
  • Trainee patent attorneys – preparing short or long-term to qualify


Know the invention

  • Know the client
  • Understand the invention
  • Novelty
  • The invention and the prior art
  • Inventive step

Claim drafting fundamentals

  • Clarity and clarity issues
  • Claim scope
  • Dos and don’ts

The importance of a good description

  • Structure of the description
  • Amendments and clarity
  • Sufficiency of disclosure


  • Legal background
  • In the priority year
  • After filing
  • Limitation
  • Opposition
  • Inescapable trap

Claim interpretation

  • Art. 69 EPC
  • Before and after grant
  • EP vs US

International considerations

  • US
  • PCT
  • Asia
  • Drafting a global application
  • PCT applications and priority pitfalls

Chemical workshop - Introduction

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Chemical claim types

Chemical workshop - Further considerations for chemical drafting

  • Exclusion from patentability
  • Exceptions to patentability
  • Parameters
  • Selection inventions
  • Disclaimers
  • Inventive step vs sufficiency
  • Sufficiency vs clarity
  • Drafting to allow for future amendments

Chemical workshop - Claim drafting exercise

  • Invention description
  • Essential features
  • Optional features
  • Examples
  • Technical effects
  • Prior art
  • Drafting independent claims
  • Drafting dependent claims
  • Drafting the description

Mechanical workshop - Preparation phase

  • Closest prior art selection
  • Novel and inventive features
  • Claim categories, technical fields

Mechanical workshop - Claim sketching

  • Requirements of a patent
  • Novelty
  • Inventive step
  • Clarity
  • Essential features

Mechanical workshop - Claim drafting

  • Functional claiming
  • Mere juxtaposition of features
  • One- and two-part claims
  • Scope of protection. How broad?

Mechanical workshop - Dependent claims

  • Claim trees
  • Claim dependencies

Mechanical workshop - Drafting the description

  • Support inventive step
  • Create fall-back positions

Mechanical worshop - Exercises

  • The problem-solution approach
  • Closest prior art selection
  • Claim categories
  • Novelty and inventive features


Leythem Wall (More...)

Leythem Wall is a European and UK patent attorney and litigator specialising in the chemical, consumer products, energy, material, mechanical, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Prior to founding Oxon IP, he was a Partner in major European and US Intellectual Property law firms, and before then in-house patent counsel for ExxonMobil and AkzoNobel. He has extensive experience in patent drafting, prosecution and particularly oppositions before the European Patent Office. Having worked in private practice and industry for European and US companies, he has significant knowledge of the US patent system, and how this compares with Europe.

Joeri Beetz (More...)

Joeri Beetz, Patent Attorney, Keltie LLP, specialises in patents in the fields of mechanical engineering, physics and control software. Amongst all the different technologies he has been extensively involved in are optical recording, medical devices, agricultural equipment, lighting, displays and automotive. He regularly represents clients in opposition procedures at the EPO, both to defend and to attack patents.

Joeri spent nine years in a Dutch patent firm based in Eindhoven, after five years of working at the in-house patent department of CNH Industrial. He joined Keltie in 2017. During his in-house period he managed a large patent portfolio for a broad range of different combine harvesters. At CNH Industrial, he built an extensive expertise in freedom to operate and patent infringement analysis and gained a keen insight in the commercial implications of different IP strategies.

In 2002, Joeri obtained his masters degree in physics at the University of Utrecht. In his final year at University, he built and tested equipment for testing particle detectors for the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.


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Training options

Public course dates

We can deliver and customise this course for any number of attendees, at your location or online. But if you have fewer colleagues, this course is running publically on:

  • 24-25 May 2022
  • 10-11 Nov 2022

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Very good.

Mathilda Janson, Patent consultant, Ström & Gulliksson, May 21

Professional speakers coming from two different technical fields gave valuable insights on how to structure claims. The best part of the course was practising claim drafting and learning how to better build suitable claims.

Nastasia Andersson, Patent Consultant, Ström & Gulliksson, Nov 19


Ali Almulla, Director of Innovation & Invention Support Directorate, The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf _ GCCPO, Nov 19

The course was excellent: the content and the speakers. I will be sure to recommend it.

Mariana Oliveira, Technological Scouting / Patent Attorney, The Navigator Company, Nov 19

The speakers were both very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and provided some good insights and personal reflections on the course material. The content of the course was excellent, and the second day (mechanical workshop) was particularly good because learning by doing is more beneficial for my learning process.

Emil Tostrup, Patent Consultant, Ström & Gulliksson, Nov 19

The course is really well prepared and presented and the speaker makes it easy to understand everything.

Cristina Rojo Matey, Patent Attorney Trainee, NLO, Nov 18

The course is well organised, the speaker (Joeri) is excellent, competent, clear, patient and available to answer all our questions. The practical workshop was really useful. Overall opinion: excellent course.

Daniele Montanari, Trainee Patent Attorney, NLO - Nederlandsch Octrooibureau , Nov 18

I thought it was a brilliant course that I would recommend to others. It was really good that there were so few people so one could ask all the "stupid" beginners' questions in a closed forum.

Vibeke Bay, Patent Attorney, Høiberg, Nov 18

Excellent course.

Elen Margrethe Brendeford, Patent Attorney, Zacco Norway AS, May 18

Well planned, nice overview. Nice to have only two speakers.

Eline Van Kappel, Trainee Patent Attorney, VO Patents and Trademarks, May 18

A great course, great content, with competent speakers.

Niels Peder Moeller, Patent Attorney, Chas. Hude A/S, May 18

I enjoyed the course and felt encouraged and valued in having decided to train as a Patent Attorney. I was given good suggestions and tips on how to approach the EQE exam and, eventually, be successful at it.

Marie Lacombe, Junior Patent Attorney, Yara International ASA, Nov 17


Andreas Dietzel, IP Manager, Leogriff, Nov 17

Extremely well-prepared setup – I particularly liked the interactive approach and the discussions.

Filip Skarp, Patent Consultant, Ström & Gulliksson AB, Nov 17

Kept attendees always active - perfect training

Agnieszka Zebrowska - Kucharzyk, PATPOL, Nov 16