Annual Conference for Senior Patent Administrators

This 17th annual ‘must attend’ event has been designed specifically for Senior Patent Administrators. It provides an ideal opportunity to learn about any developments that affect you and your role, to make sure you are up to date on best-practice and are working as efficiently as possible.

26-27 Sep 2019

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17th Annual Conference Overview

The event is very participative, providing plenty of time for open questions and round table discussions with the experts. It also offers a chance to learn about procedural issues and the practical aspects of the EPO, WIPO and USPTO, and how developments at the Unitary Patent Court will impact on you.

To maximise the benefit from attending this event, bring your questions along so you can get the answers and solutions you need.

Why this conference is important for you

  • The programme is designed exclusively for you and your colleagues, not for attorneys
  • In one event you will hear information about:
    • the EPO, WIPO and USPTO
    • tips and best practices
    • any projected changes for the next year – latest developments of the UP and UPC
  • The speakers come directly from the EPO, WIPO, UPC Preparatory Committee and the USA

At the end of day one you are invited to a drinks reception where you can network with other delegates, and share your experiences and views on important patent formalities issues


More about RWS here.

Who should attend

Who will benefit from attending this conference?

  • Senior patent administrators
  • Formalities officers
  • IPR and legal assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Delegates from previous years’ conferences looking for the latest information from leading experts
  • Everyone who wants to hear about the latest updates, exchange views and ask questions about important patent formalities issues

Programme - Day one

09.00 Registration and refreshments

09.30 Introduction from the Chair
Catherine Van Houten, Practice Manager, McNeill Baur PLLC

09.45 European formalities update
  • A review of the changes to the European patent grant procedure which have entered into force since autumn 2017, including:
    • New PPH partner offices
    • Developments with respect to the electronic filing of documents
    • Fee changes
  • Both major and minor changes will be covered, with an assessment of their impact on patent administrators’ daily practice
    Christina ten Hövel, European Patent Office

10.45 Refreshments

11.00 European formalities update continued..
  • Outlook to upcoming changes: Any procedural changes that were decided upon which came into force in late 2017 and those expected to enter into force in the course of 2018 will be presented. Depending on the status of developments, this may comprise the following:
    • Any updates to the procedure on requesting the registration of the unitary effect of a European patent
      Christina ten Hövel
12.00 European formalities round table
  • An opportunity to share your experiences with the EPO and to discuss approaches and solutions for dealing with the system
    Catherine Van Houten and Christina ten Hövel

12.30 Lunch

13.45 PCT update and best practices
  • July 2017 recap and 2018 rule change
  • Other recent and upcoming changes
    Matthias Reischle, WIPO

15.00 Refreshments

15.15 PCT update and best practices continued..
  • Effective use of ePCT for filing and post-filing
  • Best practices during the international phase:
    • How to best prepare for nationalization
    • Time and procedural issues
    • Interaction with your local agent
      Matthias Reischle

16.30 PCT question and answer session
Matthias Reischle

17.00 Drinks reception

18.00 Close of day one

Programme - Day two

09.00 Refreshments

09.30 USPTO petitions practice
  • What types of things can be resolved with petitions, and at what stage in prosecution?
    • Advancing examination
    • Correction of inventorship
    • Foreign priority or domestic benefit issues
    • Entity status
      Catherine Van Houten

11.00 Refreshments and checkout

11.30 USPTO petitions practice continued..
  • ePetition options
  • Petition requirements and fees
    Catherine Van Houten
12.45 The Unified Patent Court – latest updates
  • Provisional application phase latest updates:
    • Where are we?
    • What does it mean for patent administrators?
  • The Case Management System
  • Opt out and other key messages for business and users
    Eileen Tottle, Head of the Secretariat, UPC Preparatory Committee

13.30 Lunch

14.30 Close of conference

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26-27 Sep 2019
26-27 Sep 2019 Rembrandt Hotel, London
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I liked the atmosphere, excellent location, very good and entertaining speakers, much opportunity to meet the other people and I love to hear all kind of details out of my working field...

Marlieke Ariaans, Formalities Officer , HGF Limited

I like course, spakers were so professional and content was interesting.

Tuuli Hartikainen, IP Assistant, Berggren Oy Tampere

I loved Catherine Van Houten and Mathias Reischle. They were very professional, but also very fun, made the presentation very interesting and knew what they were talking about. I was very happy to attend this course. The speakers were really good, the content was interesting and the professionality of everybody involved made the whole experience very useful and enjoyable.

Claudia Zoldan, Paralegal, Ponti & Partners, SLP

All were informative and engaging. I found the conference very relevant to my role. The conference was also very informative as to upcoming changes to look out for. All the speakers were knowledgeable and engaging to listen to.

Emma Blakelock, Patent Administrator, Johnson Matthey PLC

Very knowledgeable speakers, with "hands-on" experience.

Maria Malmgren, IP Specialist, Amadeus s.a.s.

Speakers were very good and the content and their presentations as well. I could imagine that each speaker at the beginning of the presentation names on overall topic and asks what the participants know of this (as an opener perhaps).

Felicitas Siegmund, Senior Patent Administrator, CSL Behring Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG

Excellent speakers! Excellent course, I will recommend that someone from our Company would participate each year.

Inkeri Kettunen, IP Assistant, Assistant Coordinator, Berggren Oy

Overall a very thought-out course that covers the basics of the latest updates

Rebecca Tydie Palmqvist, Patent Paralegal, Ab Tetra Pak

Extremely knowledgable, very good presenter/speaker

Susannah Hirst, Patent Administrator, Sagittarius IP

Great conference! Looking forward to it every year

Annika Nilsson, Senior Patent Paralegal, AB Tetra Pak

The annual conference for senior patient administrators is the right choice - those are amazing professionals who understand what we want to know and where our focus is. I look forward to this event every year.

Renata Braga, Patent Paralegal, AB Tetra Pak

A professionally delivered training tool for formalities staff

Jackie Northcott, Formalities Manager, Ministry of Defence

Great course

Roberta Morandi, Patent Paralegal, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions SpA

Matthias very engaging and knowledgeable, good to listen to! Cathie van houten was very entertaining, great at explaining things in simple form!

Anne Menzies, Patent Administrator, Cirrus Logic

Well structured, interesting lectures. Brilliant speakers

Luisa Gamberini, Patent Administrator, Interpatent srl

Very good combination to issues. Excellent speakers

Essi Pösö, IP Assistant, Berggren Oy

Speakers were very good people with experience and open for questions

Geert Van den Langenbergh, Patent Administrator, VIB

All very good

Maria Burkes, Paralegal, BAE Systems Plc

Well presented and supported documentation. I always discover something new

Dawn Royal, Paralegal, Syngenta International AG

Speakers and the content was excellent and relevant to my day to day job

Mark Molyneaux, Formalities Officer, HGF Limited

Always of a high standard. Efficient and well run. Good support from the staff.

Laura Newby, Formalities Officer, Ministry of Defence


Clare Dowling, Paralegal, Syngenta Limited

Found it a little/very basic!! Seemed to be more targeted to people whom have limited knowledge - I came to be updated on new laws and changes. These were minimal.

Sue Stevens, Partern - Formalities Officer, Mathisen & Macara LLP

Very informative and very knowledgable speakers

Julia Tribe, Senior IP Paralegal, Edwards Limited

Really good with real examples by Christina and Catherine

Åsa Gustafson, Partner, Senior IP Coordinator/Team Manager, Zacco Sweden AB

This is down to earth, 'root level' information that paralegals need. Well presented and also entertaining.

Jaana Hietanen, IP Assistant, Berggren Oy

Good, clear presentations

Krista Hagner, Assistant Coordinator, Berggren Oy

Very good course, enough information and good speakers.

Felicitas Siegmund, Senior Patent Administrator, CSL Behring Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG

Great course with very good and knowledgeable speaker

Renata Braga, Patent Paralegal, AB Tetra Pak

Diverse programme, interesting speakers, good knowledge of the speakers

Marion Limpens, Formalities Officer, IPecunia Patents BV

Updated information, interesting topics and good speakers

Heli Heiskanen, IP Assistant, Berggren

Always informative and 'refreshing'

Roberta Morandi, Patent Paralegal, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions SpA

It was a pleasure to hear the speakers, especially the chair

Claudia Görgey, , MorphoSys AG

EP and PCT update was good. US speaker Catherine van Houten was excellent. I hope to hear her in the future as well.

Satu Kuorikoski, IP Assistant, Berggren Oy

Professionally run training event. Provides tech with the training we need.

Jackie Northcott, Formalities Manager, Ministry of Defence

Very interesting seminar

Ria Erkens, Certified Formalities Officer, DSM IP Assets B.V.

Content was good, especially new details about US, speakers were also good

Riitta Huttunen, IP Assistant, Kolster Oy Ab

Very good

Anna Eriksson, IP Coordinator, Awapatent AB