Connectivity in Medical Technology

Understanding the opportunities with connected medical devices, medical mobile apps, and the medical device ‘Internet of things’

17-18 Oct 2019

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Conference overview

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We are at the start of an industrial revolution in medical devices. The possibilities for medical devices to wirelessly connect, analyse and disseminate information as well as for controlling the device remotely are being realised. For example, there are already pacemakers that can be remotely monitored and programmed and blood glucose meters which stream data to a smart phone and the Internet. There are a myriad of wirelessly connected devices in development such as smart phone control nerve stimulation devices, devices which monitor adherence to a prescribed therapeutic regimen and devices with medical mobile apps.

The consumer health sector has led the way, with small wearable technologies that, collect data on activity rates, vital signs and provide the user with information on distance covered, calories burned and other information they may want. The data can be displayed on a mobile phone app and on a PC via the Internet.

The smart phone is a great enabler of this revolution, providing a handy tool with advanced and secure communication to vast sections of the population. However, in the medical device context smart phones are fraught with problems. There are numerous platforms and several operating systems. These tend to evolve much more rapidly than medical devices do. Verifying a mobile app across all of the evolving platforms and operating systems, to the satisfaction of regulatory agencies, presents a significant challenge.

Furthermore, a number of systems require development to:

  • Monetize the benefits associated with a connected medical device
  • Handle the data which a connected medical device will generate
  • Help the healthcare professional make use of a connected medical device

This conference will start to explore this exciting new area of medical device technology.

Please note that this programme relates to the 2018 event and the 2019 programme will be available in due course.

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Programme insights

  • Connectivity for pharmaceuticals and wider healthcare delivery
  • Cyber security
  • Combination drug delivery devices apps and cloud – everyone wins
  • Transforming healthcare communication
  • Connectivity in clinical trials
  • Multi sensor remote data collection
  • Connectivity in drug delivery
  • Latest devices – connectivity with injectables
  • MDR and FDA requirements for medical devices software
  • ‘How David beat Goliath’ – the importance of FDA clearance
  • Smarter inhalation
  • Digital health system connectivity
  • Smart dispensing
  • Connecting low cost point of care tests using only a smarthphone

Who should attend

Technical, marketing and commercial seniors:

  • Technical, marketing and commercial seniors
  • Developers of connected medical devices
  • Marketeers promoting connected medical devices
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Those with conventional medical devices who wish to introduce connectivity
  • Business development managers

Programme - Day one


9.30 Welcome and introduction

Dr Greg Berman

Key note presentation

9.40 Connectivity for pharmaceuticals and wider healthcare delivery

  • Use in clinical development
  • Improving compliance and clinical effectiveness
  • Delivering the human factors agenda for safety initiatives
  • Delivering wider health care benefits for patients and carers
  • UK life science strategy and Brexit

Dr David Jefferys

10.20 How strong security and looking after personal data should enable better healthcare

  • Key aspects of how better security and good governance over personal data will enable better healthcare
  • Malware, the security of medical devices in the internet of things
  • The impact of privacy on digital health

Caroline Rivett

11.00 Discussion followed by refreshments

11.30 Combination drug delivery devices apps and cloud – everyone wins

  • Societal impact of medication non-adherence
  • Commercial impact of improving adherence and persistence
  • Real world solution(s)
  • Managing patient data, privacy and regulatory aspects of connected health

Neil Williams

12.10 Connectivity in clinical trials

  • What is the emerging need for connected devices in the clinical research arena?
  • Wearable medical devices, mobile medical applications or apps?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of such systems in clinical research?
  • What are the opportunities for entrants in this space?

Tony Bedford

12.50 Discussion followed by lunch

14.10 Multi-sensor remote data collection – critical success factors

  • Device selection
  • Data aggregation
  • Patient engagement
  • Data analyse

Marie McCarthy

14.50 Connectivity in drug delivery devices

  • What do we mean by ‘connected’ devices
  • The potential benefits and are they achievable?
  • The hurdles, challenges and opportunities
  • What does it all mean for drug delivery manufacturers and patients?
  • The presentation will reference existing/potential examples

Phil Seeney

15.30 Discussion followed by refreshments

16.00 Injectable drug delivery – What’s the benefit of connectivity?

  • Improved patient health and adherence through new technologies
  • Connected drug delivery: The right approach for single-use vs re-usable injection devices
  • What’s next? – Linking industry 4.0 and the IOT
  • Connectivity – Enable technology for new services beyond the drug for pharma and patients?

Markus Bauss

16.40 Connectivity in drug delivery and Portal’s approach

  • Chronic disease therapy is undergoing a major transformation with the rapidly growing availibility of monoclonal antibody and biologics therapies
  • Compliance and ease of use remain issues for these treatments
  • Review of current attempts to connect drug delivery devices for biologics and lessons learned
  • Portal’s needle-free connected drug delivery system and how interactivity and automated injection tracking could drive patient adherence and outcomes

Patrick Anquetil

17.20 Discussion followed by End of day one

17.30 – 18.30 Networking drinks reception for speakers and delegates

Programme - Day two


9.15 Review of day one

Dr Greg Berman

9.30 Regulatory requirements for connected medical devices

  • Understanding the regulatory framework of EU MDR & FDA
  • Cybersecurity, data privacy and risk identification
  • Implications for product development and maintenance
  • Future perspectives of IoT-enabled devices

Mette Luxhøj

10.10 ‘How David beat Goliath’

  • ‘A’ startup gets AI on AW ahead of A
  • The importance of FDA clearance
  • Hype or hope? View from Silicon Valley

Francis White

10.50 Discussion followed by refreshments

11.30 Choose the right kind of smart: different smart features and options for different needs and strategies

  • Different features for different needs: how to choose the right features based on the characteristics of your product?
  • Different options for different strategies: add-on approach vs integrated approach
  • Some use cases

Arnaud Guillet

12.10 The risk of big data

  • Too much information can introduce new, unexpected risks
  • The desire for Big Data capture methods should be assessed against the benefit-risk of what significant amounts of data could indicate
  • We propose a technique that captures value-add insights for Clinical Studies and Risk Management, without creating new risks in terms of data security and privacy
  • We explore cross-sector examples of where smaller amounts of targeted data have proved to be the ideal balance between risk and reward

Tom Lawrie-Fussey and Louise Place

12.50 Discussion followed by lunch

14.10 Digital health system connectivity

  • Design consideration for devices, apps and IT Infrastructure

Jared Dwarika

14.50 Smart dispensing

  • Track and trance monitoring system using a mobile phone
  • Accurate collection of patients’ compliance data

Graham Howieson

15.30 Connecting low cost point of care tests using only a smartphone

  • Robust mobile computer vision and image analysis algorithms
  • The challenges of validation across wide range of devices
  • Managing patient data in a HIPAA and GDPR regulated environment

Dr Neil Polwart

16.10 Discussion

16.20 Chairman’s concluding remarks

16.30 Close of conference and refreshments

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17-18 Oct 2019
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A lot of focus on describing status of industry and issues but little insight into innovations and technical solutions. Some talks lacked technical depth with was disappointing.

James Gani, Design Team Leader, SPD Development Company Ltd

Very well organised and a nice broad range of topics. Some very good speakers and interesting talks.

David Harris, Scientist and Inventor, PA Consulting

Good overall overview

Frederic Bustos, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Cochlear Ltd

I feel the course was very useful and provided an good understanding of connectivity in medical technology and has opened my mind to the many challenges but benefit of connectivity in medical technology.

Paul Fitton, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Presspart

Quality of speakers and ability to present very good.

Stefan Gaul, Head of Strategic Product Management, Haselmeier AG

Very good

Arun Sarda, Global Director, QA & Regulatory Affairs, Presspart Manufacturing Ltd


Arnaud Guillet, Business Development Director , Biocorp

Provides wide overview, interesting presentations, well prepared speakers

Stefan Gaul, Head of Strategic Product Management, Haselmeier AG