Introduction to Veterinary Pharmacovigilance

A basic training course for those working on drug safety in the EU. This course has been designed to provide basic training and a good introduction to those concerned with veterinary pharmacovigilance.

5-6 Nov 2019

& 5-6 May 2020 , 14-15 Oct 2020

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Course Overview

This course has been designed to provide basic training and a good introduction to those concerned with veterinary pharmacogivilance. New entrants and support staff as well as experienced personnel who require a better understanding of veterinary drug safety will benefit from the practical guidance provided. Key terminology will be explained and roles and responsibilities will be clarified. There will be plenty of time for interaction and questions and answers to enable participants to get a good understanding of this complex subject.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain an overview of the European regulatory framework n Be aware of Volume IXb
  • Learn about VICH
  • Understand adverse event reporting
  • Hear about causality assessment
  • Minimise the impact of data with errors
  • Know the requirements for periodic safety update reports
  • Get to grips with literature searches
  • Understand the implications of the proposed EU pharmacovigilance legislation and Brexit

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to those new to veterinary pharmacovigilance, support staff and experienced personnel who require a better understanding of drug safety in their current role. Adverse event monitoring and drug safety officers together with regulatory affairs and personnel from registration departments will also find this seminar useful.

Sample Programme Day 1

What is pharmacovigilance?

  • Beneficial and harmful effects of veterinary medicinal products
  • Key definitions

The current regulatory framework and its global impact

  • Overview of European regulatory framework, including Volume IXb and implications of the proposed EU pharmacovigilance legislation
  • Implications for global environment – link to VICH
  • Practical applications of definitions

Adverse event reporting

  • Definitions
  • Impact of VICH guidelines
  • Expedited vs periodic
  • How to handle animal SARs
  • Handling human SARs
  • Understanding the wider scope of pharmacovigilance

Causality assessment

  • The principles of causality assessment with practical examples
  • Medical evaluation of individual reports of adverse events
  • Strategies for follow-up

Pharmacovigilance case studies

Sample Programme Day 2

Electronic communication in pharmacovigilance

  • Reporting in EV Vet

Minimising the impact of data with errors

  • Consistent assessment and coding

Clinical trial AE reporting requirements

  • Post-authorisation safety studies
  • Phase IV studies

Literature searches

  • Peer-reviewed worldwide literature
  • Local journals and magazines

Periodic safety update reports (PSURs)

  • Format and content of the PSUR
  • Analysis of data
  • Incidence calculation
  • Compliance and the PSUR
  • Addendum reports
  • Bridging reports

Practical workshop on PSURs


Declan O'Rourke

Declan O’Rourke has over 20 years’ experience in industry where he has held technical, marketing, product development, clinical development, production and pharmacovigilance roles.

Declan is a veterinary surgeon, holds a Diploma in Marketing, a Master of Business Administration and a Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. He now directs Ortec Consultancy specialising in EU pharmacovigilance and represented IFAH-EU in the VICH Working Group on pharmacovigilance.

Declan is also an Honarary Associate Professor in Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development at Nottingham Veterinary School, Past President of British Cattle Veterinary Association and a member of the Veterinary Products Committee (VPC).

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5-6 Nov 2019
5-6 Nov 2019 DoubleTree by Hilton London-West End, London GBP 1,399.00
EUR 1,959.00
USD 2,182.00
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5-6 May 2020
5-6 May 2020 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 1,399.00
EUR 1,959.00
USD 2,182.00
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14-15 Oct 2020
14-15 Oct 2020 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 1,399.00
EUR 1,959.00
USD 2,182.00
+ VAT @ 20.00%
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A good course to get a general introduction to Veterinary Pharmacovigilance, for those new to pharmacovigilance. The speaker, Declan O'Rourke, is very experienced and very enthusiastic in his presentation.

Anders Hessellund Bisgaard, QA & RA Assistant, Salfarm Danmark A/S

Good general overview about pharmacovigilance. Talented and passionate speaker. Many practical examples.

Tom Decock, Regulatory Affairs, Versele-Laga

Very good course. Personally I would have needed more time on PSURs and signal detection and less on cases assessment. Very informative and enthusiastic.

Claire Milard, Pharmacovigilance manager, Merial - Boehringer Ingelheim

In general very interesting course.

Guy Werquin, Veterinary Doctor, Versele-Laga

[The speaker was] enthusiastic, clear and easy to understand. The material was relevant and well explained.

Donal Donnelly, Clinical Veterinary Surgeon and Deputy QPPV, Norbrook Laboratories Ltd

interesting, experienced speaker, great overview of pharmacovigilance.

Karen Roels, Clinical Trial Manager, Huvepharma NV

Well updated, easy to understand for a person with non-english mother tongue.

Lars Speilberg, Manager R&D, Scanvacc AS

Enjoyed method of presenting.

Lisa Glen, Project Manager, Benchmark Animal Health

Structured, logical and critical approach to a complex case handling.

Maud Christelle Ricatti, DVM, ACD Pharmaceuticals

Very good

Luciano Gobbi, Associate Director Regulatory Affairs, MSD Animal Health SRL

Very good

Felicity Caddick, veterinary technical advisor, Animlacare

Interesting and informative course. Enthusiastic and informative speaker.

Hannah Robbins, Pharmacovigilance VRO, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Overall I was very impressed with the course

Lee Smith, Pharmacovigilance E9O, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Very interesting program, well organized, with a very experienced speaker, with good presentation technique and with a good ability to capture the interest of the participants. the presentations were clear and interesting.

Marlene Delgado, QPPV, ZOOPAN S.A.

I think that this course is great for people looking for more insight into pharmacovigilance and would recommend it

Jamie Jardine, Administrative Officer, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Good knowledge sharing, open dialogue, not all slides in the binder up to date, overall very positive

Angela van der Salm, Director Pharmacovigilance, DADA Consultancy

Relevant, good course

Katrine Underlien, Drug Safety Coordinator, Pharmacosmos