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Intellectual Property

Patentability and State of the Art Searching

6-7 Feb 2018

Standard 1399 1959 2182
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Venue: Rembrandt Hotel, London

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9-10 Oct 2018

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Course Overview

A new comprehensive and practical two day seminar covering topics such as: Background and motivations to patentability searching: differences between state of the art, patentability and landscaping; Choosing a data collection: Understanding the background to a search; Fundamentals of search scope; Tools and methods for searching and analysis; Communication aspects.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Background and motivations to patentability searching
  • Differences between state-of-the-art, patentability and landscaping
  • Choosing a data collection
  • Understanding the background to a search
  • Fundamentals of search scope
  • Tools and methods for searching and analysis
  • Communication aspects


Please note we are also running:

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This meeting runs back-to-back with Freedom to Operate Searching on 4 October 2017 and there is a £100/€140 discount off Freedom to Operate Searching when booked together.

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To find out more call Customer Services on +44 (0)20 7749 4730 or e-mail

Who should attend

  • All those working in IP or patent information or patent engineer roles either in industry or legal businesses
  • R&D scientists and engineers wanting to ensure they are not ‘re-inventing the wheel’
  • Customer service and training representatives in the commercial information provider community who want to know more about what their customers do with patent data

Programme Day One

Part 1: Introduction

Introduction to searching in the patent literature

  • How patents differ from other technical documents

Choosing a data collection; understanding the range of databases available

  • The impact of search engine or vendor choice
  • The human factor; understanding the role of the searcher
  • Pre-search briefing and post-search reporting; communication aspects

PART 2: State-of-the-art searching

Background and definition of state-of-the-art searching

  • Differences between state-of-the-art, patentability and landscaping
  • Scoping the request for state-of-the-art
  • Searching for state-of-the-art; practical session

Analysis tools; overview and practical session communication aspects

Programme Day Two

Part 3: Patentability searching

Background and motivations to patentability searching; extent, timing, caveats

  • Understanding the background to a search; using secondary and tertiary literature sources*

Fundamentals of search scope

  • Defining a search for universal novelty
  • Searching for (lack of) inventive step
  • Some differences in US practice
  • Overall search protocols; narrowing or widening the scope
  • Methods for searching by subject; text, classifications, citations, text-mining
  • Approaches to multi-lingual sources; document translation, query translation, abstraction

Evaluating search results against the search definition; iterations of search

  • Indirect methods for identifying additional prior art: inventor/assignee, technical equivalents
  • Special aspects of searches in different technical fields; chemical, electrical, mechanical
  • Specialist tools in chemistry and life sciences

Brief overview on distinctions between patentability and validity searching


Stephen Adams

Stephen Adams is Director of Magister Ltd, a patents documentation consultancy and training service. He worked in technical information for over 20 years, latterly for nearly 9 years with Zeneca Agrochemicals (now Syngenta) as their principal patent searcher. He is Director-at-Large for PIUG Inc.

Jane List

Jane List has run her own business, Extract Information Limited, providing consultancy, search services, and training, all with a focus on commercial uses of patent information, since January 2013. Prior to this Jane worked on both sides of the information business – commercial information provider side, in content development, product management, commercial strategy and training roles, and in industry in technology consultancy, and science focused organisations where she was responsible for IP matters, scientific, technical and market information. She teaches on commercial searching including patent landscaping and state of the art searching and reporting in the UK and The Netherlands. She has a BSc, MRSC in Chemistry; MSc in Information Science and Cert. in Intellectual Property Law. She has published papers and spoken at global conferences on patent information matters, and is an active member of PATMG, PIUG and BPIP, professional patent information user groups. In July 2014 she became co-Editor in Chief of World Patent Information Journal.

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Previous customers include...

  • 40332628N
  • Abzena plc
  • Bic Violex SA
  • Nestlé
  • Proctor & Gamble Technical Centres Ltd
  • The Binding Site Group Ltd
  • William Blythe Limited
  • Wolviston Group Ltd