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The Role of the Senior HR Manager Training Course

This programme has been specifically designed for those HR professionals who operate at, or aspire to operate at, a senior level within their businesses.

16-17 Mar 2022

& 13-14 Jul 2022 , 1-2 Nov 2022

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Course overview

This programme has been specifically designed for those HR professionals who operate at, or aspire to operate at, a senior level within their business, particularly those who work closely with senior and operational decision-makers.

The event focuses on the role of the HR manager with senior accountability and responsibilities for the effective deployment of the human resource, the most expensive asset within a business. Case study activities based on a business scenario will be included, encouraging participants to apply strategic thinking to the HR agenda, identifying potential, mitigating risk and planning for the future direction of the business. The knowledge, skills and behaviours required to act effectively at a senior level, including influencing and communicating with stakeholders on commercial aspects, are highlighted via the discussion exercises and the proposals made for the recommended strategy for the case study company. These exercises culminate in personal action plans that transfer the lessons learned to the situations of the participants attending, making the programme individually relevant and beneficial.

Highly participative throughout, the programme provides an opportunity to network with fellow professionals and to explore the changing role that is synonymous with seniority in the HR field. Attending this event is an invaluable use of a busy HR professional’s time.

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop a broader commercial awareness to understand the impact of human capital on the business agenda
  • Raise your profile within the business and take your team with you into the strategic arena
  • Compare your current modus operandi against some of the leading-edge developments in HR
  • Identify the core business needs for which human capital has the solution
  • Innovate the strategic thinking of your organisation
  • Communicate your strategic plans in a commercially aware and results-focused way
  • Guide your senior leaders and organisation through successful human capital change programmes
  • Challenge perceptions and inertia within the team and organisation
  • Secure buy-in from influential stakeholders
  • Elevate your impact at senior levels within your organisation

Who should attend?

HR professionals who want to develop their skills to become an invaluable asset to the business and reach their potential as high-performers, including:

  • HR directors
  • Group HR managers
  • Senior HR business partners
  • HR controllers
  • HR managers and senior HR professionals


Module 1: Operating at a strategic level as a senior HR manager

Thinking strategically requires a long-term view and the foresight to identify external and internal forces that affect or determine the commercial success or failure of a business. Looking at the global business marketplace, this section of the programme will focus on:

  • Understanding what strategy is and the different types
  • Relating strategy to corporate mission and vision
  • Forecasting the business needs to be addressed by human resources in the future
  • Researching trends and patterns that affect your business
  • Identifying alternative approaches; redesigning and planning strategic approaches
  • Relating these to your business needs and market demands

Module 2: Raising your commercial and financial awareness

Understanding the commercial aspects of your business is a vital element of the senior HR professional's role. This module focuses on the skills of the senior HR manager as 'business consultant' in the human resources arena, using the case study company to explore the numbers.

  • Building commercially astute behaviour and skills
  • Understanding the financial structure of the business
  • Holding your own in the finance arena – reading and understanding company accounts and financial reports
  • Managing the HR budget

Module 3: Promoting the value of the human resource to corporate vision and mission, strategic objectives and goals

Even senior and well-educated managers and executives with a corporate-wide view of the commercial position of their business may hold on to perceptions formed early in their careers regarding the role of the HR function in business. Changing a mindset and perception takes persistence and tenacity in educating stakeholders as to the value human resources can add. This module delves into the commercial benefits derived when businesses utilise the human resource to its full potential – invariably their greatest expense.

  • Proactively championing the human resource cause by demonstrating the long-term competitive cost benefit activities of HR
  • Building the HR business case – linking HR activity to your company’s strategy
  • Using data and statistics to change perceptions of 'personnel and welfare' personas for the benefit of the business

Module 4: Influencing stakeholders and key decision-makers: raising the profile of your HR function

This module focuses on the behavioural skills required to create impact and raise the profile of the HR profession in business. You will examine the prerequisite approaches required when working on the relationships at the top, identifying the influential stakeholders and measuring the existing relationships. Using the case study organisation, you will explore the opportunities and methods available to:

  • Build credibility
  • Adopt business language for maximum results
  • Quantify results in terms of ROI
  • Gauge potential risks

Module 5: Bringing the outside in: research and external networking and its value – becoming a trusted adviser

Reaching the status of ‘trusted adviser’ within your business opens doors for the influential senior HR manager. Raising the awareness of industry norms, trends and best practices in a proactive and inspiring way increases appeal to the value-add of HR. With the wealth of data available across the internet, HR professionals can fulfil the role of business consultant by highlighting successful strategies utilised in companies, adding value by educating the senior management teams as to progress being made elsewhere in industry.

  • How to identify trends and best practices to raise awareness of industry norms
  • Using the internet and available information to your advantage
  • Discussion about the real implications of Brexit on workforce mobility and globalisation

Module 6: Driving cultural change programmes from the top down

The success of change in your business depends on two factors – the mechanisms of change processes and the human acceptance. Advising business leaders regarding the most engaging way of effecting change and demonstrating smooth transitions through challenging times can have a bottom-line impact on the profitability of your business. This module covers:

  • Devising change communications that work
  • Coaching senior stakeholders about engagement and role-model actions
  • Helping businesses to move away from the 'management and workers' mentality when rolling out change
  • Using a consultant-based approach as the trusted adviser
  • Successfully communicating change

Module 7: Implementing your strategies through change management

Implementing your strategies into the processes of the business will reap commercial rewards.

  • Identifying strategies to immerse human resource teams into the business
  • The HR entrepreneur
  • Reviewing functional structures, roles, responsibilities and skills required to be successful
  • Role-modelling performance management and behavioural management

Module 8: Moving your HR team from reactive to proactive

Having a strategic approach at the highest level in the HR structure can be undermined by a traditional mindset in the team. This module explores the leadership skills needed by the senior HR manager to bring the junior members of the profession from a reactive transactional focus to a proactive partnering approach.

  • Focusing on shifting towards self-service
  • Engaging with line managers as business partners
  • Driving change to achieve the commercial objectives
  • Taking calculated risks and breaking the status quo
  • Reviewing the skills matrix of HR teams and identifying development plans

Workshop: Personal action plans

You will leave this workshop-style programme with an individual action plan to achieve your desired status within the business.


Jocelyn Hughes (More...)

Jocelyn Hughes is a recognised expert in HR management and personal development, having worked in training and personal development since the early 1980s. A strong advocate of training for a reason, she has a practical approach to training which aims to provide participants and organisations with readily useful content, transferable to the workplace. Having enjoyed a successful career in training management, she began working as a freelance consultant in 1998, working with major blue chip organisations across the UK and internationally. Jocelyn is widely respected for her experience and expertise. She is a qualified NLP practitioner and is a published author of ‘Contact Centre Management’ with Echelon Publishing.

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Book now

16-17 Mar 2022
Live webinar
16-17 Mar 2022
Live webinar
GBP 899 699
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USD 1,474 1,162
Until 9 Feb 22*
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Live webinar

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13-14 Jul 2022
Live webinar
13-14 Jul 2022
Live webinar
GBP 899 699
EUR 1,299 1,019
USD 1,474 1,162
Until 8 Jun 22*
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Live webinar

Please note: this event is being organised by our training partner Falconbury; clicking Enrol will take you to to complete your purchase.
1-2 Nov 2022
Face-to-face, (venue not yet confirmed)
1-2 Nov 2022
(venue not yet confirmed)
GBP 1,099 899
EUR 1,539 1,259
USD 1,714 1,402
Until 27 Sep 22*
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(venue not yet confirmed)

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  • 2 days classroom-based training
  • Meet presenters and fellow attendees in person
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Download documentation and certification of completion
  • Fair transfer and cancellation policy

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An engaging and insightful course. The two days went by very quickly and I did not feel at any point that it was irrelevant to me.

Shaun Lightbody, HR Business Partner-South Area, Five Guys, Nov 19

Very informative speaker.

Vicky Widlake, Head of HR, CHL Mortgages, Jun 18

[The speaker is] very experienced, "gets" HR in a modern business context. Good use of examples from her other consulting work.

Jonathan Parsons, HR Director, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, Jun 18

Very knowledgable speaker.

Michelle Wren, Group Head of HR, Freedom Finance, Nov 17

Excellent and relevant.

Joanne Thomas, UK HR Manager, Puma Energy UK, Nov 17

Content was very relevant, and what I was expecting. Jocelyn is an excellent presenter.

Yvette Colbourne, Senior HR Business Partner, Unatrac Ltd, Nov 17

Speaker very knowledgeable, good and clear examples.

Jane Olds, Head of Human Resources, Weatherbys Ltd, Nov 17

Very impressed. Very honest, practical advice. Obviously an expert with a human touch.

Debra Amos, Head of HR , Shire Leasing PLC, Nov 17

Great speaker, very knowledgeable. Good balance of group work/presentations.

Jane Hoffack, Group HR Manager, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering Ltd, Nov 17

Excellent content, the speaker knew her stuff and presented in a user friendly way.

Sharon Devlin, HR Manager, ConvaTec Ltd, Nov 17