Biotechnology for the Non-Biotechnologist

This In-house training programme is ideal for non-Scientists and Scientists needing to understand the basic theory, principles, techniques and potential of biotechnology.

In-house Training Services and Consultancy

This extensive three-day In-house training course will help your team to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of biotechnology to deepen their knowledge of the key techniques used by Bio-technologists. It will help them realise the importance of meeting regulatory requirements along with the advances being made. They will also learn how to identify potential patents, as well as why and how they must be protected.

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Sample programme

Introduction to Biotechnology

• Historical perspective
• Diversity of biotechnology products
• Impact on society
• Product development overview

Re-Expression of Proteins

• Recombinant DNA techniques
• Monoclonal antibodies – from mouse to human
• Transgenic animals and plants

Development of Production Organisms

• Transfection
• Selection
• Preservation

Fermentation Technology and Large Scale Production

• Types of fermenters
• Fermentation basics
• Modes of operation
• Process development

Recommended trainer

Our recommended trainers include:

Dr Adrian Haines, Section Head of Process Development
Sciences at Novimmune SA, Switzerland

Dr Mark Richardson, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Regulatory
Affairs Consultant, UK

Kate Smith, Principal Scientist, Development Services,
BioReliance, UK

Alison Sykes, Director Physico-Chem Analytics, Biosimilars,
at Merck Serono, Switzerland

Dr Philip Webber, Partner, Dehns, Patent and Trademark
Attorneys, UK

Dr Robert J. Young, Principal Group Leader, New Expression
Technologies Group, Lonza Biologics plc, UK