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The Patent Box

This one-day programme will look at the impact of the EU and OECD questions about the integrity of patent box regimes and how this has impacted the UK rules and your organisation.

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*In one-day our experts explain the how the current Patent Box regime has bedded in and disucess is it working? This is a must-have training for your patent department as big companies are obtaining major savings on tax through the regime – you should be to?

Sample programme

Patent Box has had some time to bed in now and this In-house programme looks at how businesses are using it in practice and its pros and cons. But already jealousies have been invoked in government across Europe in view of its favourability and we have seen a rein back in the extent of the provisions. This training reviews the operation of the current regime, discusses expectations for the future and considers what steps departments and advisers should be taking now to maximise the benefits from the Patent Box.

Accessing the new regime

We provide an overview of the UK regime, together with a comparison of how these rules compare to the current regime.

  • Overview of the qualifying criteria for the new UK regime
  • Key similarities and differences between the old and new regimes

Accessing the new regime continued

We discuss how the grandfathering rules are going to apply, and compare the new UK regime with regimes in other countries.

  • Overview of the grandfathering criteria
  • Key examples of how the new rules will work in practice
  • Discussion of the broader, OECD context and comparison with other regimes

Experiences so far: structuring and implementation

We look at experiences from business examples that have already been making the best out of the system and address:

Corporate restructuring

  • Regularising corporate IP arrangements to benefit from Patent Box
  • IP planning to utilise Patent Box

An overview of the Patent Box – the Government view

Regularising corporate IP arrangements to benefit from Patent Box

  • Why changes are being made
  • The effects of the new regime
  • How to make the Patent Box election a smooth process

Recommended Trainer

Sarah Churton

Sarah Churton is an Executive Director at EY, focusing on UK corporate taxation of intangible assets and cross border transactions. She has been providing tax advice to multinational companies for 17 years and has significant experience advising on tax efficient financing, supply chain structuring and IP centralization or divestment. Sarah has recently spent two years on EY’s UK tax desk in New York.
Her client portfolio ranges from large multi-nationals to smaller companies expanding into Europe for the first time and includes a mixture of UK and non-UK headquartered groups.
Over the past four years, Sarah has retained close links with policy-makers and the UK tax authorities developing the UK’s patent box regime and has assisted clients across a variety of sectors to understand, evaluate and access the regime. She has published articles in several tax journals and is a regular speaker at tax seminars and conferences. Sarah is a chartered accountant and has a master’s degree in Mathematics from Oxford University.


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