Capsule-Based Inhalers - Understanding the Science

This one day In-house course has been designed to enable delegates to understand the science behind capsule-based inhalers.

In-house Training and Consultancy Services

This one-day In-house course has been designed to enable delegates to understand the science behind capsule-based inhalers. The programme will provide a broad overview of the benefits of capsule inhalers in dry powder inhalation. It will consider various aspects of capsule properties in inhalation and deliver a state-of-the-art review of the learnings gained from current academic studies and industry development. This event will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and consider the opportunities available with capsule inhalers and provide an informal environment to network with fellow inhalation professionals.

  • Review of Recent Events in the Orally Inhaled Product Space
  • Low Unit Cost DPI Development; X-haler – A Case Study
  • DPI Based on Injection Moulded Disks: The Challenge of Powder Filling
  • The Twincer™ Platform for High Dose Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • Iconovo Device Range
  • Usability of Multi-Dose DPI
  • Comparison of EU-USA BE/TE Requirements
  • A New Computational Approach to Formulation Pre-Screening
  • Time for a Paradigm Shift to Approve Generic DPI Products
  • Critical Steps for DPI Use
  • Inhaler Devices for COPD; Insights from Patients and Healthcare Practitioners
  • COPD Compliance Cradle
  • The Asthma UK – A New Report on Human Factors

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Sample Programme

Hard Capsule Properties for Inhalation Products

Key Parameters of Aerosolization

Capsule Puncturing by DPIs

Impact of Lubricant Level on the Internal Surface of HPMC Capsules Using HS-SPME-GC-MS and AFM

Using Design of Experiments (DOE) to Optimise Internal Lubricant Content in Inhalation Capsules

Development & Selection Criteria of Inhalation Devices

The Behaviour of Capsule-Based DPIs Among Marketed Inhaled Medicines – A Comparative Case Using Formoterol

Recommended Trainer

Mauro Citterio

Mauro Citterio is the Director of R&D and Industrialization and he is Member of the Board of Directors at Plastiape Spa, where he has covered various roles from 1998 to 2015.

He is currently responsible for device and equipment development, industrialization of the products, technical and economic feasibility studies, costing of new packaging and devices. Mauro is also supervising the regulatory activities of the company connected with product and equipment development. Furthermore he is an inventor/co-inventor of six international patents for medical devices and he has been invited lecturer at various national and international conferences.

Mauro Citterio holds a university degree in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Plastiape Spa is a small group with headquarter in Italy and manufacturing facilities in Italy and Poland. Plastiape is focused on the development, engineering and manufacturing of drug delivery devices, pharma and personal care packaging. The company is one of the world leaders in design and manufacturing of Dry Powder Inhalers, with more than 35 years’ experience in this field