Effective Technology Transfer

The ‘how to’ of technology transfer across the product lifecycle

New for 2018

21-22 May 2019

& 19-20 Nov 2019

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Course overview

Technology Transfer (TT) is an increasingly important part of the pharmaceutical industry, with companies expanding the use of third parties for both development and manufacture. There are few formal guidelines around this subject, but regulators expect companies to get it right, for both internal and external transfers. Poorly run transfers can be costly and impact product quality, whereas well-run transfers bring business bene ts and assure product quality.

This event will give participants the tools to help guide them through achieving successful transfers. It is applicable to those making transfers from development to commercial, from commercial to commercial, for scale up, analytical methods or for ‘virtual’ companies.

Who should attend

This seminar will be of particular interest to all those from the pharmaceutical industry working in:

  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Quality

Personnel from the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry with the following background:

  • Pharmacists
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Quality control managers
  • Late stage product and process development engineers, scientists, pharmacists
  • Technology scale up and transfer managers
  • Validation and quali cation specialists
  • Risk management specialists
  • Operation managers

Programme day one

Regulatory guidance and business drivers for TT


Exercise one

  • What makes a successful TT?

Industry guidance for Sending and Receiving Units (SU and RU)


  • What do SU and RU need?

Exercise two

  • Knowledge

Science and risk-based approaches – Part one

Science and risk-based approaches – Part two

  • Equipment and utilities

Exercise one

  • Equipment at SU and RU

Quality risk management

Programme day two

Project management steps for TT – Part one

Exercise four

  • Case study – Fishbone for TT

Project management steps for TT – Part two

Exercise five

  • Case study – Organising TT

Validation and qualification

Exercise six

  • SU and RU

Analytical method transfer – Part one

Analytical method transfer – Part two

Enabling successful TT – ‘Softer’ issues


Bruce Davis (21-22 May 2019)

Bruce Davis, Senior Consultant, Engineering, QbD and Qualification, Bruce Davis Global Consulting. Bruce is a professional engineer with 20 years’international experience of projects for drug substance and drug product manufacturing facilities. When he was with AstraZeneca, he led major changes to qualification processes globally as well as leading Quality by Design (QbD)cross-functional workshops for newproducts. He is ISPE’s former Chairman and Secretary to ASTM E55.03. For ISPE, he led the QbD case study, now published.

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21-22 May 2019
21-22 May 2019 Cavendish Hotel, London GBP 1,499.00
EUR 2,099.00
USD 2,338.00
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19-20 Nov 2019
19-20 Nov 2019 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 1,499.00
EUR 2,099.00
USD 2,338.00
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