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The New EU (European Union) Animal Health Legislation for Veterinary Medicinal Products Training Course

The programme will offer a comprehensive introduction to the new EU Regulation (2019/6) and will address the changes and implications to the industry including marketing authorisations, submissions and dossiers.

3-4 Nov 2022

& 17-20 Apr 2023 , 5-6 Jul 2023 , 6-7 Dec 2023

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Course overview

The new EU Regulation (2019/6) on Veterinary Medicinal Products will be applicable for all EU countries from 28 January 2022 and will have massive implications for all animal health companies operating in, or wanting to operate in the EU. This seminar will provide essential insight into these revolutionary changes and enable participants to plan their regulatory strategies going forward.

The programme will offer a comprehensive introduction to the legislative changes and will address the new issues, marketing authorisation (MA) submissions and dossiers. Data protection and routes to market will be discussed, as will post-marketing measures and variations. The implications for supply and use, off-label use and inspection controls will also be covered.

This is a must-attend seminar for all animal health professionals.

Benefits of attending:

  • Be prepared for the revolutionary changes to the EU legislation
  • Gain essential guidance on the implications of the changes
  • Understand how this will affect you and your company
  • Hear the implications on variations
  • Be aware of the opportunities the changes will create
  • Comply with data protection and routes to market
  • Understand the post-market measures
  • Plan for the impact on supply and use

Who should attend?

This seminar will be beneficial to all those working in the animal health industry including:

  • Regulatory affairs managers
  • R&D associates
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Directors and CEOs
  • Personnel who are new to the animal health industry and all those needing an overview of the new legislation


Overview of EU Regulation (2019/6)

  • Goals of the new Regulation
  • Highlights of the nine legal chapters

Scope, general provisions and rules

  • New definition of VMPs
  • MA submissions
  • Dossiers: full, abridged, limited and exceptional applications
  • New clinical trial authorisation issues
  • Labelling, package leaflet, pictograms

General rules

  • Applications: examination, withdrawal
  • Classification as Rx or not
  • SPC requirements
  • MA granting and refusals
  • Antimicrobial exclusions and restrictions

Data protection and routes to market

  • Protection periods: generics, prolongations and patents
  • New centralised MA
  • National, DCP and MRP
  • Coordination group and re-examination

Post-marketing measures

  • Union product database, initial sales
  • Antimicrobial data collection
  • MA holder responsibilities
  • National help desks for SMEs
  • New additional countries after MRP and DCP


  • Assessment or not, groups, work sharing
  • Harmonisation of similar old national SPCs (high/low risk)
  • Union PV system and database, public access, reporting

Limited MAs, referrals, homeopathy, manufacturing

  • Limited market and exceptional MAs
  • Union interest referral procedure
  • Homeopathic products
  • Manufacturing authorisations including public database

Supply and use

  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers including internet sales
  • Veterinary prescriptions
  • Use, record-keeping, use of immunologicals
  • Vets providing services in other Member States

Off-label use

  • For food and aqua species
  • Withdrawal periods
  • Antimicrobials


  • Listed diseases
  • Exemptions for certain pets
  • Immunologicals from third countries
  • Advertising

Inspections and controls

  • Commission checking Member States systems
  • Restrictions and sanctions

Regulatory network

  • Competent authorities
  • International organisations outside the EU
  • CVMP
  • CMDv including majority voting


Mel Munro (More...)

Dr Mel Munro has worked as a consultant in veterinary medicinal product development and registration for over 20 years. She provides regulatory advice on all areas of biologicals product development taking client projects from proof of concept through to Marketing Authorisation (MA). On a day-to-day basis, she advises on regulatory strategy, performs technical due diligence and gap analyses and prepares strategic development plans and expert reports. She is also experienced in negotiation with the regulators and preparing regulatory documentation. Over her career she has been involved in numerous biologicals projects ranging from more ‘conventional’ vaccines to novel biologicals such as products of rDNA technology, GMO’s, monoclonal antibodies, DNA vaccines and gene therapy.

Karolina Bate (More...)

Karolina has worked in regulatory affairs for over 15 years. Karolina started her career working for Cyton Biosciences, becoming a Managing Director 8 years ago. Since the acquisition of kAH Ltd (formally Triveritas) in 2020, she manages the multi-disciplinary product development support which both companies provide to the animal health industry. Together with support from two other knoell Animal Health consultancies, one based in Germany the other in the USA, and knoell experts in Shanghai; knoell provides global regulatory services to its clients.

Prior to working for Cyton, Karolina carried out her Pharmacology degree and Immunology PhD at the University of Cardiff, Wales. Karolina spent a few years working in University research laboratories and teaching before moving into the field of regulatory affairs.

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3-4 Nov 2022
Live webinar
UK (London)
3-4 Nov 2022
Live webinar
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17-20 Apr 2023
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17-20 Apr 2023
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5-6 Jul 2023
Face-to-face, Rembrandt Hotel London
UK (London)
5-6 Jul 2023
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Rembrandt Hotel London
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6-7 Dec 2023
Live webinar
UK (London)
6-7 Dec 2023
Live webinar
UK (London)
GBP 1,299 1,099
EUR 1,869 1,589
USD 2,129 1,817
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I really thought Julian was excellent, very engaging, and really informed

Siobhan Crowe, Pharmacist, Univet Ltd, Nov 21

It was very interesting, thorough and informative. I enjoyed following the course and listening to the presenter.

Rachael Benjamin, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Beaphar B.V., Nov 21

I wanted to get more familiar with the new legislation, to understand a bit more about its background. This course helped me a lot in understanding more of the thoughts behind the various articles.

Charlotte Jacobs, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Beaphar B.V., Nov 21

I wanted to hear about the new animal health legislation - which Julian Braidwood succeeded in doing.

Marianne Valentin Hansen, Drug Safety Specialist, Pharmacosmos, Nov 21

Julian was speaking in clear language and in a nice tempo (not to quick, not to slow). He acted immediately if a participant wanted to ask a question...Very good, very comprehensive.

Tonny van Dijk, Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Prionics Lelystad B.V., Nov 21

was really good for me as I am just starting my activities on VMP and I need to understand more new regulation

Karine Tanan, Principal Scientist, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill R and D Centre Europe, Nov 21

Very good!

Ruud Huibers, Advisor Regulatory Affairs Pharma EU, Elanco Deutschland GmbH, May 21

Content = good however some of the points were of little relevance to me.
Presentation = excellent. Very clear slides and the speed of delivery was perfect.
Speaker = excellent. Very knowledgeable and happy to discuss topics in depth if required

Rodney Cartmill, Head of Regulatory Affairs - New Products, Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Nov 20

An interesting, informative and interactive two-day course which provided a clear overview and explanation of the most important changes that we can expect as a result of the 2019/6 Legislation. It is not easy to keep the audience interested while explaining a new law but Julian managed to do this excellently.

Kitty Ruigrok, DVM, Regivet BV, Dec 19

The main themes of the new Regulation were presented in a precise but detailed manner and this, coupled with the extensive knowledge and sympathetic manner of the speaker, make the course something special.

Heike Luckow, Regulatory Affairs, Bela-Pharm GmbH & Co. KG, Dec 19

Julian was a fantastic presenter, with excellent examples of real-life scenarios making a potentially dry course thoroughly enjoyable.

Jennifer Hynes, Quality Manager, Benchmark Vaccines Limited, Mar 19