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Profit Improvement and Financial Skills

In four hours this programme will explain how finance works, how money flows around your business, will show you how to read financial reports with confidence and how you can ensure profitability. *All for £85/€109.*

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Course overview

This 4 hour intensive course will boost your confidence when dealing with business finance and highlight areas where profitability can be improved.

If you need to get quickly up-to-speed with finance in your business then this short course is for you.


    • Exceptional value at £49/€69 a module
    • Buy now for your team and invite them to participate at any time of your choosing
    • Distilled financial and profit knowledge and best practice
    • Available instantly to be taken on-line or printed off at your convenience
    • Doubles as a reference source of how company finances work and how to help profitability
    • Model answers to confirm your understanding of the subject
    • Certificate of completion for your training records
    • Ideal for training new members of the team
    • Great for those requiring a quick refresher

    Who should take this course

    • New starters to the organisation who need to understand finance
    • Commercial and contract assistants and executives
    • Commercial and contract managers
    • Sales and marketing managers and also those from other non-finance functions who want to understand how business finance and reporting works.

    Course modules

    1. Balance sheets

    • What is a balance sheet?
    • What do balance sheets reveal?
    • Interpreting balance sheet profiles
    • Balance sheets: structure and contents – UK
    • Interpreting the balance sheet
    • Balance sheets: structure and contents – US
    • Consolidated balance sheet
    • Balance sheet of a telecommunication company plc

    2. Profit and loss accounts

    • What is a profit and loss account?
    • What do profit and loss accounts reveal about a business?
    • Profit and loss accounts in published or statutory accounts
    • US revenue or income statement (P & L account) structure and contents

    3. Cash flow statements

    • If there are profits there must be cash
    • Cash flow statements
    • What can cash flow statements tell us?
    • Published cash flow statements
    • Definitions
    • Compiling and interpreting a cash flow statement
    • Interpreting cash flow statements
    • Consolidated cash flow statement

    4. Turning round loss-making companies

    • The steps to recovery
    • A new chief executive
    • The main causes of the loss
    • Sales and marketing
    • Production and delivery
    • Head office
    • Research and development
    • Rationalisation
    • Financial recovery

    5. How to boost profits this year: Budgets and budgeting control

    • Basic issues
    • Budget assumptions
    • Co-ordination
    • Sales budget
    • Overhead costs
    • Capital expenditure
    • The cash budget
    • Monthly budget phasing
    • Effective monthly reporting
    • Financial year forecasts
    • Monthly report summary

    6. How to boost profits this year: Cash management

    • Debtor management
    • Prompt invoicing
    • Creditworthiness
    • Credit limits
    • Eliminating excuses
    • Prompt-payment discount
    • Requesting payment
    • Telephone follow-up
    • Further action
    • Stock and work-in-progress management
    • Creditor payment
    • Overhead costs
    • Adequate finance
    • Using ‘paper’
    • Sale and leaseback of freehold properties
    • Asset leasing and hire purchase
    • Debt factoring
    • Fixed-term loans
    • Bank overdraft
    • Monitoring cash flow
    • Bank contact

    7. Profit management

    • Variable cost
    • Fixed costs
    • Marginal profit
    • Break-even point
    • Product and service profitability
    • Customer profitability
    • Marginal-pricing danger.

    8. Financial analysis for decision-making

    • Technique
    • Evaluation
    • Pay-back period
    • Discounted pay-back period
    • Percentage internal rate of return
    • Net present value
    • Essential replacements and legislation requirements
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • The management role
    • Decision audit
    • Investment risks and rewards
    • Application
    • Commercial factors

    9. How to achieve dramatic growth in profits

    • Business developments
    • Vision statement
    • Quantum lead approach
    • Taking stock
    • Strategic options
    • Organisation structure
    • Business-development projects
    • Strategic workshops


    Profit Improvement and Financial Skills
    Turning around loss-making companies
    How to boost your profits this year: budgets and budgeting control
    How to boost your profits this year: cash management
    Profit management
    Financial analysis for decision-making
    How to achieve dramatic growth in profits

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    Complete course GBP 49.00
    EUR 69.00
    USD 76.00
    + VAT @ 20.00%
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