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The Pharma 'Mini-MBA' On-line Learning Programme

A 14 module self-managed, flexible, online learning course: Focus on the essential MBA theory, practice and technique needed to be a high-performing manager in the field of pharmaceutical with this 14 module course allowing 3 to 4 hours per module to be completed in your own time.

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Course overview

The question facing most of Pharma executives today is whether, the skill set that is needed exists within the organisation to drive the business forward in this tough environment.

In order to succeed it is vital that as an individual working within the pharma sector you develop, not only the expert technical skills required, but also the key business and management skills needed to ensure that you can take a dynamic approach to overcoming each challenge.

The MBA syllabus, theory, practice and techniques applied exclusively to the needs of high-performing managers in the pharmaceutical industry with this 14 module, on-line and easy-to-use training course.

Who should enroll on this programme?

Designed specifically for:

  • Senior and middle managers in the pharma and biotech sector
  • Experienced managers making a career change into the industry
  • Scientific and technical executives making the move into management
  • Those who have been in the industry for years but with no formal development training


The Pharma ‘Mini-MBA’ Distance Learning Programme
MODULE 1 - Introduction to Pharma
MODULE 2 - Strategy is the Key
MODULE 3 - Strategy in Practice in the Pharmaceutical Sector
MODULE 4 - Strategy in Practice in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Strategy for Deals
Mergers and Alliances
Partnering strategies
MODULE 5 - Managing Yourself and Others
Mastering Yourself
Mastering performance management
Communicate and motivate
Effective coaching
Tackling poor performers
Managing your team
Managing your time
Mastering meetings
How to be assertive, not aggressive
MODULE 6 - Learn to be a Leader
What is management
What is leadership
The leader as mentor
Decision making in leadership
Management and leadership… essentially a team effort
MODULE 7 - Leadership and Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Introduction: Leadership challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Acquiring, managing and retaining talent in a competitive world
Employee engagement
Leading through uncertainty
The importance of corporate culture
Managing cultural change and transition
Developing leadership at every level
Learning and leadership: Self-awareness and self-development
Consider the following scenarios
MODULE 8 - Mastering Pharma Marketing: Introduction
How marketing works in pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical market research
MODULE 9 - Mastering Pharma Marketing: Marketing Strategies
Life-cycle Management
The importance of range extensions
Pricing mechanisms and reimbursement
MODULE 10 - Mastering Pharma Marketing: Distribution, Promotional Activities and Codes of Practice
The role of promotion
Codes of practice
Conclusions: How marketing applies to pharmaceuticals
MODULE 11 - Demystifying Finance: Accounting Principles and Practice
Finance makes the world go round
Analysing performance
External analysis
Review of accounting principles
MODULE 12 - Demystifying Finance: Budgeting and Decision-Making
Budgeting and management accounting
Computing future decisions
MODULE 13 - Demystifying Finance: Financial Management in the Pharma Industry
What is the drug industry all about?
Three simple statements – are there any problems?
MODULE 14 - Successful Negotiation Techniques and Tactics
Legal foundation for negotiation
Negotiation principles
The whole process
The negotiation

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Enrol now

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Please note: this course is hosted by our training partner Falconbury; clicking Enrol will take you to to complete your purchase.

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