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Nasal Drug Delivery Training Course

A comprehensive review of the latest scientific developments, technology advances and regulatory guidance in the field of nasal drug delivery.


Conference overview

What makes nasal delivery systems more challenging than solid dosage forms? How safe is nasal drug delivery? Are there such things as safe excipients? How does all this fit within the regulatory environment in Europe and the USA? How difficult is it to bring all these products to market?

This seminar seeks to explore these and many other questions in the field of nasal drug delivery, while reviewing interesting new data and innovative technologies. Leading industry authorities will cover all the relevant aspects of nasal physiology, anatomy, formulation strategies, the absorption of a variety of drugs in various phases of drug development, and new drugs entering the market. Nasal delivery to the sinuses will also be addressed as will the potential of delivering insulin to the brain. The comprehensive programme will include interesting case histories and provide ample opportunity to discuss all the key issues affecting this fast-growing industry.

Participants will benefit from:

  • An essential update on the very latest scientific developments and advances in technology
  • An unrivalled panel of international expert speakers who will share their valuable knowledge and insight
  • An excellent networking opportunity to build business relationships with fellow professionals

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Who should attend?

  • Managing directors
  • Medical directors
  • Heads of regulatory affairs
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Senior executives in research and development
  • Registration associates
  • Marketing managers
  • All departments that are already involved in nasal drug delivery or who wish to understand the potential of this alternative therapeutic route

Programme – day one

Nasal drugs to treat nasal disorders: a comprehensive review

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Nasal disorders
  • Treatment options and future prospects to treat allergic and non-allergic rhinitis
  • CRS with and without nasal polyps

Discussion session

Nasal drug delivery challenges

  • Ideal attributes of a nasal spray formulation
  • Strategies to optimise deposition
  • Excipients to facilitate absorption
  • Technology for delivery and formulation characterisation

Effects of excipients in nasal powder formulations

  • Definition and characteristics of nasal powders
  • Formulation options for nasal powders
  • Excipients in nasal powders
  • (Side) effects of excipients in nasal powders
  • Delivery aspects of nasal powders

Discussion session

Advanced characterisation and formulation strategies for nasal drug delivery systems

  • Enhancing nasal absorption
  • Improving solubility and permeability
  • Successful treatment using the nasal route

In-vitro assessment of sinonasal drug delivery – appropriate as substitute for in-vivo studies?

  • Cadaver studies
  • Nasal cast studies
  • Computer simulation studies (CFD)

Discussion session

Characterisation of nasal devices for delivery of insulin to the brain

  • Nose to brain delivery
  • Nasal spray characterisation
  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging in human volunteers
  • Delivery of insulin to the brain by nasal administration

RetroNose: breakthrough technology for nasal drug delivery by oral route using an aerosol

  • RetroNose technology
  • Proof of concept with nebuliser
  • Proof of concept with pMDI
  • Differences of nasal deposition distribution between oral and nasal routes

Programme – day two

Review of nasal drug delivery devices

  • Trends in nasal delivery systems
  • Advances in device technologies
  • Nasal spray characteristics

Requirements concerning bioequivalence of nasal drug products from an authority’s point of view

  • Bioequivalence of nasal products
  • The evaluation of the monograph for nasal products in the European Pharmacopoeia will be outlined

Discussion session

Regulatory science for abridged nasal products

  • The guideline situation
  • PBE versus ABE
  • Elvis is alive: ‘Weight of evidence’

Human factors (HF) studies – a hype or a must-do?

  • Legal and regulatory guidelines covering human factors for pharmaceutical products
  • HF and risk management
  • HF and clinical trials
  • Generic combination products – ANDAs and HF
  • Questions and challenges

Discussion session

Development of three anatomical nasal models for more predictive in-vitro testing of nasal sprays

  • Construction of 20 nasal casts
  • Cast depositions for two nasal spray products
  • Correlations between cast geometry and nasal deposition
  • Approaches for selecting a small, medium and large nasal cast

Qualification of new nasal drug delivery systems for existing drugs

  • Formulation analysis
  • System and compatibility
  • Stability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Production line and efficiency optimisation

Nanotechnology for nasal drug delivery

  • Nanotechnology treatment methods
  • Design, characterisation and products
  • Application of nanoscale drug delivery systems

Discussion session

Concluding remarks

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