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Training courses & Webinars:
Medical writing

Success in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the speed and efficiency of new drug approvals and the quality of documentation submitted to the regulatory authorities. Our medical writing training courses will give you all the necessary practical guidance to ensure that you achieve the required standard in order for a positive outcome.


Effective Technical Writing & Editing Training Course

Effective Technical Writing & Editing

11 Feb 2021 - Online webinar
Also on: 12 Feb 2021

Expert advice on how to write and edit scientific and medical texts, technical documents and those documents needed for regulatory submission.

Presented by Barbara Grossman (bio)

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Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU (European Union) Training Course

Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU

14-15 Jun 2021 - London
Also on: 16 Jun 2021

This course will take participants through all of the necessary steps to obtain marketing authorisation for a feed additive in the European Union.

Presented by Joan Castelló (bio)
Elinor McCartney (bio)

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Successful Medical Writing Training Course

Successful Medical Writing

17-19 May 2021 - London
Also on: 24 May 2021

Success in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the speed and efficiency of new drug approvals and the quality of documentation submitted to the regulatory authorities. This intensive, practical medical writing course will benefit participants by enabling them to achieve this standard.

Presented by Barry Drees (bio)
Barbara Grossman (bio)
James Visanji (bio)

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Veterinary Pharmaceutical Submissions in the EU (European Union) Training Course

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Submissions in the EU

18-19 Nov 2020 - Online webinar
Also on: 16 Mar 2021

Presentations will cover the regulatory framework, pharmaceutical, toxicological and pharmacological data, safety risk assessments, pre-clinical and clinical data, detailed and critical summaries and regulatory submissions.

Presented by Julian Braidwood (bio)

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Working Through Veterinary Drug Development in the EU (European Union) and USA Training Course

Working Through Veterinary Drug Development in the EU and USA

7-10 Jun 2021 - London

This practical four-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of veterinary medicine development in the EU and USA.

Presented by Julian Braidwood (bio)
David Petrick (bio)

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I was hoping to get a better insight into writing reports and I would say that I definitely believe this was accomplished.

Neil McCann, Radiation Safety Officer, Elekta Limited

Barbara was technically brilliant and presented in a fun, challenging and friendly way. The content through the day was very useful, with good pointers and tips to improve the layout and quality of documents. The course structure and content was excellent, a good amount for a day's course. The presentation was fantastic and easy to follow with good exercises and interaction between presenter and course participants. Barbara has a deep knowledge of the subject matter which is delivered in an exciting way.

Nathan Entwistle, Senior Electronics Technician, Team Consulting

Very good course with plenty of personal interaction. The experience of the speaker gives added value as she can provide many examples and tips and tricks for reviewing a text.

Anke De Muylder, Quality engineer QA, Plasma Industries Belgium

This course teaches you the essentials of EU veterinary regulatory affairs and enables you to understand the different strategies and how to achieve a successful registration through the excellent content, presentation and speaker who knows to inspire you with his enthusiasm and easy-to-follow way of teaching. Thank you Julian!. I particularly liked the workshop, during which i learnt a lot.

Rachael Benjamin, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Beaphar B.V.

Absolutely perfect. I was personally looking for a change in my career and medical writing is definitely my first choice. The presentations were very interactive and fun!

Bouchta Karrich, Scientific Information Officer, Laboratoires THEA

I love this course and have recommended it to my colleagues.

Nisha Patel, Clinical Research Principal Scientist, GlaxoSmith Kline

The content is highly relevant for new medical writers and the speakers are engaging. I would recommend it for anyone entering the profession.

Maria Dzialo, Medical Writer, Data Investigation Company Europe

Each speaker was very inspiring.

Natasa Fischbach Simunic, Medical /Pharmacovigilance Advisor, Xellia d.o.o.

Overall the course content was very good. Presentation was also good and very clear. The speaker was excellent and very active during the training.

Ildephonse Ngabonziza, Clinical Safety Manager, Genae Associates NV

Very interesting content and program, presented in a clear, pleasant and appealing way. The workshops were well prepared and very helpful and the speaker was always available to help with any questions.

Marlene Delgado, QPPV, ZOOPAN S.A.