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IP & Patents

Whilst the world’s national IP laws have become more consistent over recent years, the world of intellectual property is still a complex area. In order to legally and efficiently protect and exploit IP rights to the best advantage it is paramount that businesses stay abreast of latest developments and best practice.

Whether you are looking to get to grips with the latest processes and procedures, draft effective agreements or simply keep abreast of latest legislation and developments, Management Forum offers a wide range of IP training courses, presented both as public or in-house events to fulfil your patenting and intellectual property training needs.



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  • 17-18 Nov 2022 Formal Requirements of the European Patent System
  • 24-25 Nov 2022 The Patent Administrator

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  • 12-14 Sep 2022 Strategic IP Planning
  • 26-27 Sep 2022 IP Due Diligence & Freedom to Operate in Practice

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  • 15-16 Sep 2022 Patent Protection for Software-Related Inventions in Europe and the USA
  • 19 Sep 2022 Avoiding Pitfalls in Patent/Know-How Licences and R&D Collaborations

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[Speakers were] Energetic and willing to share their knowledge and professional experience. Created a good atmosphere which made possible the attendees to intervene. The speakers always took the best from their audience and incorporated in the flow of the lesson.
The content was very well organized to include all the important aspects of EPC and the case law seemed easy to understand.
The speakers were very focused and insisted on the important aspects, not only for those preparing for the EQE, but business view.

Rita Noronha, Patent Manager, BIAL – Portela & Cª, S.A.

[Content and Presentation] were fantastic and I would recommend Joanna and this program to anyone looking to gain knowledge in patent administration.

Emily Rance, Patent Paralegal, Murgitroyd & Company Limited

Friendly speaker. I enjoyed learning about SPCs, I did not have much knowledge of it beforehand.

Fadma Habib, Patent Paralegal Secretary, Murgitroyd & Company

My aim was to get an understanding of the difference of a "normal" and a software patent and I think the course covered that excellently.

Siim Kinnas, Intellectual Property Advisor, Estonian Business and Innovation Agency

it was a good mixture of different aspects of this rather complex issue

Paul Barbic, , Treibacher Industrie AG

An in depth introduction to EPO filing and and over view of patent filings by PCT...I really enjoyed that she was able to provide popular examples so that we could make sense of the concepts being shared

Lucero Ricord, Attorney, Estudio Benedetti

It was very professional, the content being just right and not overwhelming for newbies to this field, like me. I enjoyed the presentation and JoAnna did a sterling job in presenting it.

Melane Wilke, Patent Administrator,

Well presented webinar. Good content and knowledgeable speaker.

Lisa Bates, Office Manager, FRKelly

Really good.

Océane Marchal, , Vesuvius Group SA

Really good, learnt a lot!!

Diptanil Debbarma, Trainee Patent Attorney, NLO