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Training courses & Webinars:
IP administration

The processes and procedures around the administration of intellectual property are highly complex, especially due to the different procedures and formalities across different patent offices and jurisdictions. Our training courses will give participants practical tips and the latest knowledge to help you navigate this complicated area.


Advanced PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Formalities Training Course

Advanced PCT Formalities

19-20 Nov 2020 - Online webinar

This two-day programme will give you a detailed understanding of the PCT mechanism beyond the basics with practical tips and advice on how to make the most efficient use of ePCT.

Presented by David Barmes (bio)
Matthias Reischle (bio)

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Formal Requirements of the European Patent System Training Course

Formal Requirements of the European Patent System

22-23 Jun 2021 - London
Also on: 24 Jun 2021

A two-day seminar for administrative staff in the patent profession on how to competently prepare an application for filing before the EPO.

*INCLUDES: Practical and interactive exercises*

Presented by Cees Mulder (bio)
Petra Schmitz (bio)

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Freedom-to-Operate Searching Training Course

Freedom-to-Operate Searching

25 Feb 2021 - Online webinar
Also on: 4 Mar 2021

Get to grips with the fundamentals of FTO searching, understand the scope of a search and analyse the types of rights you will encounter.

Presented by Stephen Adams (bio)

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Patentability and State-of-the-Art Searching Training Course

Patentability and State-of-the-Art Searching

23-24 Feb 2021 - Online webinar
Also on: 2 Mar 2021

A comprehensive and practical two-day seminar covering the key aspects of patentability and state-of-the-art searching.

Presented by Stephen Adams (bio)
Jane List (bio)

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The Patent Administrator Training Course

The Patent Administrator

24 Nov 2020 - Online webinar
Also on: 9 Jun 2021

This course will give you a comprehensive introduction to the role of the patent administrator

Presented by JoAnna Emery (bio)

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Stephen Adams was excellent. He has experience in the field, was easy to follow and gave a good answer to difficult questions.

Shire Elmi, Examiner, Patentstyret

I wanted to deepen my knowledge regarding the formalities procedures at EPO, especially regarding non-common cases, and now I am much more confident with them. I liked the presentations of Ms Schmitz and Mr Mulder very much and the way they transmit their immense knowledge about EPO procedures. I found the course very stimulating and it made me want to acquire more and more knowledge about the procedures we apply every day in our work.

Federica Lena, Patent Assistant to Dott.Enrico Eterno, Hoffmann Eitle

I thought JoAnna was very knowledgeable and approachable and was able to answer a lot of questions. I thought overall it was a great and meaningful learning experience.

Nicole Kemp, Secretary, Hoffmann Eitle

JoAnna was very clear and very knowledgeable.

Jane Parkinson, Global Patent Co ordinator , Unilever PLC (UK Office)

Excellent and informative course.

Leigh Golding, Business Operations Manager, Cancer Research UK

Being very new to IP law, I was hoping for a general overview of IP and JoAnna exceeded my expectations.

Line Sletten, IP coordinator, Guardian IP Consulting A/S

I learned many new things that will be of help to effectively perform searches for my clients. Highly recommended to anyone who's either new to the field or been around for a while already.

Siim Kinnas, Intellectual Property Advisor, Enterprise Estonia

Excellent teachers!

Pilar Navarro, Patent Adviser, CHEMO Laboratorios Liconsa SA

JoAnna was very engaging and we felt at ease when asking questions.

Chinyere Lindsey, Contracts & Patents Associate, Cancer Research UK

A very knowledgeable speaker. It was very interesting to listen to JoAnna and I particularly liked the practical examples.

Anastassia Tokar, Trademark Paralegal, Etex Services