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IP management

Managing intellectual property portfolios to the best advantage can be a minefield of complex processes, database searches and formalities. Many patent applications are either lost or encounter issues that could be avoided. Our IP Management training courses have been designed to specifically help you navigate the procedural issues and the practical aspects of filing at the EPO, WIPO and USPTO to ensure successful outcomes.


EPO (European Patent Office) Oppositions and Appeals - the Case Law and Workshop Training Course

EPO Oppositions and Appeals - the Case Law and Workshop

8-9 Mar 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 8 Sep 2022

Updated for 2021! Drawing on case law and the experience of the faculty, this seminar considers the present workings of the opposition and appeal procedures at the European Patent Office. It provides an in-depth summary of both background and recent developments at the EPO and explains how these will impact on your day-to-day practice. It will give you the knowledge and skills to navigate this highly technical area.

Presented by Graham Ashley (bio)
Leythem Wall (bio)

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Freedom-to-Operate Searching Training Course

Freedom-to-Operate Searching

11 Apr 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 13 Oct 2022

Get to grips with the fundamentals of FTO searching, understand the scope of a search and analyse the types of rights you will encounter.

Presented by Stephen Adams (bio)

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IP (Intellectual Property) Department Roadmap Training Course

IP Department Roadmap

23-24 May 2022 - Online webinar

This course provides a step-by-step, matrix-based methodology with a top-down and cross-functional approach to design an IP department roadmap

Presented by Arnaud Gasnier (bio)

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IP (Intellectual Property) Due Diligence & Freedom to Operate in Practice Training Course

IP Due Diligence & Freedom to Operate in Practice

10-11 Mar 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 15 Jun 2022

This intensive one-day course will give you many insights into the best practice of organising and conducting an efficient and thorough IP due diligence project.

Presented by Tim May (bio)
and 3 more leading experts

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Strategic IP (Intellectual Property) Planning Training Course

Strategic IP Planning

21-25 Mar 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 12 Sep 2022

A step-by-step practical guide to strategic IP planning

Presented by Arnaud Gasnier (bio)

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Stephen Adams was excellent. He has experience in the field, was easy to follow and gave a good answer to difficult questions.

Shire Elmi, Examiner, Patentstyret

All the speakers seemed well prepared and gave good presentations. Overall, this course was excellent in providing knowledge about different types of DD and FTO in the main jurisdictions and how to practically conduct such tasks. Very good speakers, updated and good course material.

Synnøve Flister, European Patent Attorney, Zacco Norway AS

The course exceeded my expectations; I expected to be educated in concepts and theories, instead I was equipped with tools and experience! Arnaud was an enthusiastic presenter and a patient guide through the intense volume of information and challenging interactive group work. I was impressed at how applicable the content of the course was to delegates from such a variety of business sizes and markets; everyone was finding the teaching relevant to them in some way. I loved the interactive aspects of the course and enjoyed learning how to use the tools given and the 'aha!' moments when it all began to make sense. I enjoyed that the tools given didn't always have 'correct' answers but always enabled you to make and justify decisions that were aligned with the business strategy.

Elizabeth Maclennan, Project Manager, McMurtry Automotive Ltd.

I liked how clear and simple a sometimes difficult and convoluted process was structured and presented. Highly recommended.

Siim Kinnas, Intellectual Property Advisor, Enterprise Estonia

Very comprehensive talk, with great content.

Luke Townsend, IP Researcher, Oxford Biomedica

I learned many new things that will be of help to effectively perform searches for my clients. Highly recommended to anyone who's either new to the field or been around for a while already.

Siim Kinnas, Intellectual Property Advisor, Enterprise Estonia

Excellent teachers!

Pilar Navarro, Patent Adviser, CHEMO Laboratorios Liconsa SA

Excellent. I hoped to achieve a better understanding of the due diligence process and this was accomplished. I liked the smaller group size, which made it more interactive, and the expertise of the speakers.

Matt Kelly, Chief Innovation Officer, Perspectum Diagnostics

The course was well organised and ambitious with high level and experienced speakers. I liked that the course covered different jurisdictions and that the speakers were able to refer to relevant real cases.

Jan Nilsson, Patent Attorney, Strom & Gulliksson

I enjoyed meeting people from other companies and the exchange of ideas with them. The speaker was enthusiastic and engaging.

Christopher Phanopoulos, Senior Research Manager, Huntsman