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Licensing agreements are a way to protect and exploit your rights in a complex multi-jurisdictional environment. Succeeding in this area means drawing on your knowledge of successful contract drafting and excellent negotiating skills. Our training programmes will enhance your skill set and knowledge to achieve the results your business needs.


Our spring/summer 2020 programme of London-based courses has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are taking bookings for our Autumn events, but we are also working to deliver courses and content online. Please contact us if you are interested in an on-site or online version of any of our courses, tailored to your company's needs.

Many patent applications and patents are lost before the EPO, either before Opposition Divisions or before Appeal due to incorrect original drafting, and added subject matter is a recurrent problem. Learn advanced drafting techniques for successful EPO patent applications.

INCLUDES: Interactive workshop sessions and details of the latest case law and its implications

Focus on the drafting skills and legal and commercial issues to be considered when drawing up international IP agreements.

We can customise this course to meet your requirements.

Focus on the drafting skills and legal and commercial issues to be considered when drawing up international IP agreements.

Clarity in drafting patent applications has always been a serious issue. The purpose of the seminar is to teach delegates the essentials of clarity, and the most effective use of the problem-solution approach, giving delegates an edge over other parties.

INCLUDES: Interactive workshop sessions and details of the latest case law and its implications

Effective Defence of EPO Patent Applications

5 Nov 2020

Also on: 17 Jun 2021

This seminar addresses the parallel, but substantially different, rules for drafting and prosecuting patents required by the Examiners and Appeal Boards of the EPO and USPTO.

This intensive one-day course will give you many insights into the best practice of organising and conducting an efficient and thorough IP due diligence project.

IP Due Diligence & Freedom to Operate in Practice

3 Dec 2020

Also on: 17 Jun 2021

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of patent claim interpretation in the USA, UK and Germany.

An intensive update on patent protection for software-related inventions covering all the major developments in European patent law in particular GUI inventions and ‘mixed’ inventions with both patentable and non-patentable subject matter.

A step-by-step practical guide to strategic IP planning

Strategic IP Planning

22-24 Sep 2020

Also on: 16 Mar 2021

This seminar combines one day of claim drafting fundamentals with a further day of focused workshops.

The Art of European Claim Drafting

12-13 Nov 2020

Also on: 20 May 2021

What all European patent attorneys need to know

An intensive and highly interactive two-day seminar including discussions on US patent law and strategies and tactics for patent prosecution at the US Patent Office

US Patent Practice

3-4 Dec 2020

Also on: 10 Jun 2021

Very thorough and well presented.

Elisabetta Mauri, Director of Intellectual Property, Dompé Farmaceutici SPA

Excellent! Very good and helpful overview of US patent law with a focus on the differences to European law. I particularly liked the very interactive discussions.

Hendrik Freudenberger, IP Legal Advisor, Sasol Chemie GmbH & Co. KG

All the speakers seemed well prepared and gave good presentations. Overall, this course was excellent in providing knowledge about different types of DD and FTO in the main jurisdictions and how to practically conduct such tasks. Very good speakers, updated and good course material.

Synnøve Flister, European Patent Attorney, Zacco Norway AS


Ali Almulla, Director of Innovation & Invention Support Directorate, The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf _ GCCPO

The course was excellent: the content and the speakers. I will be sure to recommend it.

Mariana Oliveira, Technological Scouting / Patent Attorney, The Navigator Company

The course exceeded my expectations; I expected to be educated in concepts and theories, instead I was equipped with tools and experience! Arnaud was an enthusiastic presenter and a patient guide through the intense volume of information and challenging interactive group work. I was impressed at how applicable the content of the course was to delegates from such a variety of business sizes and markets; everyone was finding the teaching relevant to them in some way. I loved the interactive aspects of the course and enjoyed learning how to use the tools given and the 'aha!' moments when it all began to make sense. I enjoyed that the tools given didn't always have 'correct' answers but always enabled you to make and justify decisions that were aligned with the business strategy.

Elizabeth Maclennan, Project Manager, McMurtry Automotive Ltd.

The course gives European practitioners a good overview of the peculiarities of US patent law and the ways in which US practice sometimes differs from our own. The presentation was lively and the speakers provided plenty of background from their own experience.

Erik Bartelds, patent attorney, Arnold + Siedsma

Excellent. I hoped to achieve a better understanding of the due diligence process and this was accomplished. I liked the smaller group size, which made it more interactive, and the expertise of the speakers.

Matt Kelly, Chief Innovation Officer, Perspectum Diagnostics

Professional speakers coming from two different technical fields gave valuable insights on how to structure claims. The best part of the course was practising claim drafting and learning how to better build suitable claims.

Nastasia Andersson, Patent Consultant, Ström & Gulliksson

The speakers were both very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and provided some good insights and personal reflections on the course material. The content of the course was excellent, and the second day (mechanical workshop) was particularly good because learning by doing is more beneficial for my learning process.

Emil Tostrup, Patent Consultant, Ström & Gulliksson