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Whether you are looking to recruit, get up to speed with the latest developments in the law or for guidance on latest best practice, we offer a wide range of HR management training courses and events for Human Resources professionals that are presented both as public and in-house courses, in order to fulfil your (and your department’s) training needs.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and the role of the HR function is to take responsibility for the management and allocation of this resource, ensuring that the needs and strategic objectives of the business are met.



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  • 11 Jun 2024 Dealing With Difficult People
  • 7 Oct 2024 Building Self-Belief & Resilience

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  • 9-10 Oct 2024 Employment Law in Practice from Recruitment to Termination
  • 14 Oct 2024 How to Avoid Discrimination, Victimisation, Harassment and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

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  • 24 Jul 2024 The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant
  • 29-30 Jul 2024 The Role of an Effective HR Advisor

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Really good, I felt that I took a lot away from it and I would recommend it to others. I believe I am now more confident in my role and abilities. Jocelyn was very articulate and I found her inspiring. I would love to work for her!!

Maddy Tasney, HR Advisor, Claranet Ltd

I was hoping to achieve a better understanding of HR roles and responsibilities in general and how these tie in with organisations and I think the course has definitely helped me achieve this. Jocelyn was a great tutor and made the training really engaging. Overall I found the course really useful, the content was good and slides were not overloaded with too much information.

Lauren Killoran, HR Coordinator, SRK Consulting Ltd

The content, presentation and speaker all exceeded my expectations of this webinar. Adobe connect was also a really great platform to use allowing efficient interaction and encourages collaboration.

Ellie Archer, HR Administrator, Rawlinson & Hunter LLP

Fantastic speaker! Very thorough, always has new ideas and interesting opinions on how things are conducted. She was very experienced and knew exactly what she was talking about. Enjoyed the presentation as it was a mixture of listening, speaking and contributing.

Olivia Watson, HR Coordinator, Artelia

I thought it was excellent throughout.

Annie Annibal-Ross, HR and Finance Administrator, ADHD 360 Ltd.

Excellent webinar!

Shelly Gagen-Block, Vice President, Talent & Culture, Avire

Really good interactive webinar, definitely good for admin roles who would like more technical knowledge to progress and assist their colleagues

Leonie Bullough, HR Administrator, Trethowans LLP

All interesting

Maria Giulia Alfieri, Business Contract Manager, Helsinn Healthcare SA

Amazing, nice to follow and good speaker to follow

Mariangela Caretto, GLOBAL RA MANAGER, Angelini Pharma

Geoff is a good presenter. I now know how to behave better in some situations, both privately and professionally. It takes practice, but geoff has shown us the way. It was exciting and not boring for a second. This was the first course I attended with geoff, but definitely not the last.

Lisa Krause, Junior Supply Chain Manager, Cheplapharm