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In-house & bespoke training:


Working with Emotional Intelligence

In-house & bespoke training

Communicate, influence and motivate to enhance internal and external relationships and help improve the performance of you and your business.

Rated by attendees to the public programme

Typical duration: 1 day
Pricing from £350 per attendee
Delivery: collaborative classroom

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Both speakers were excellent. They were enjoying their work and they managed well to challenge us by making us aware of our strong points and our flaws. They provided good advice and tips for achieving our goals. It was a very interesting, lively and educational course which gave me lots of food for thought not only in the context of my professional life but also of my personal life. It helped me also better understand my own manager(s).

Evridiki Christaki, Legal Expert, Eurocontrol


Louise Reynolds, Quality & Compliance Manager, McFT

Course was given in a very clear and simple way. Speakers were "alive" and managed to always have full deep attention.

Sandra Biondo, Regulatory CMC Document Coordinator, Ares Trading SA

Well balanced content, excellent interpersonal skills and overall presentation clear and concise

Anita Dhorajiwala, Manager RA, Apotex EU BV

A good team presentation. A useful, concise introduction to the topic.

Dougal Gemmell, Director, European Patent Office

Comprehensive course on emotional intelligence with very useful take-away messages and techniques.

Rose Evill, Scientific Affairs Advisor, Nutricia

The course was inclusive and easy going helping all delegates to feel comfortable with taking an active part. There were some useful techniques and examples of how to improve in this area

Sarah Barber, Senior Business Insights Analyst, Takeda UK Ltd