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  • 4-5 Dec 2023 A Regulatory Update on Animal Feed and Feed Additives in the EU, USA and China
  • 12-13 Dec 2023 Veterinary Pharmaceutical Submissions in the EU

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  • 19-20 Mar 2024 An Introduction to ISO 22716 - GMP for Cosmetic Products
  • 19 Mar 2024 US FDA - Understanding Key Factors When Working with the FDA

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  • 5-6 Feb 2024 Cosmetovigilance
  • 19-20 Mar 2024 An Introduction to ISO 22716 - GMP for Cosmetic Products

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  • 11-12 Dec 2023 Medical Device Regulation in the Eurasian Union, Russia and the CIS
  • 11-14 Dec 2023 Medical Device Software: Complying with the EU MDR, EU IVDR & FDA Regulations

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  • 4-8 Dec 2023 Biotechnology for the Non-Biotechnologist
  • 4-5 Dec 2023 Project Management for Pharma Professionals

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I have really appreciated Robert's speech, his mastery of the topics, his tone of the voice and nonverbal language and how he has organized the course in a very interactive way. I'm very positive impressed and I'll suggest this course to my colleagues.

Jessica Coretti, Global Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

The content of the webinar was good, thorough. Paul answered any questions which I asked. With clear and concise reasoning. He made it easy to follow and not boring for someone with 4 years stability testing experience and basic knowledge. This has given me the tools I need to go back and hopefully improve the stability studies for the future. I enjoyed, I feel like I'm better prepared to justify the requirements of a stability study to my company. With an understanding of how to reduce costs and apply it to the industry I am in.

Elinor Jarvis, Quality Control Team Supervisor, Purolite Ltd

Good speaker and content was very well explained. It met absolutely all my expectations.


Everything I hoped to get from this webinar I got, the goal was to better understand people's goals and learn tools to improve my interactions with colleagues/clients. The course provided a good set of tools to assess people's interests and practically apply different interaction strategies. The course content covered useful areas for my development. Robert was very engaging. He spoke and explained things very clearly.

Daniele Novara, Sr Clinical Oversight Manager, Kowa Pharmacutical EuropeAG

I wanted to get a grasp of how a real MBA would look like and learn the tools that are used the most for taking strategic decisions in the pharma industry. I have achieved this skills fully and got a good picture of strategic thinking in the pharma industry. Good service overall and communications

Jordi Fina, Senior Research Associate, Evox Therapeutics Ltd

Overall, the speaker was very competent and added a lot of real-world examples and thus enabled better understanding of the theory/regulatory requirements presented. He is an excellent trainer.

Daniela Bausewein, Associate Director Clinical Safety Management, BioNTech SE

The course was interesting and helpful. I was hoping to improve my communication skills.
I have learnt some tools that can help me with that.

Maria Alexia Acedo Camara, Americas RA Manager, Amryt Pharmaceuticals DAC,

I really appreciated the rich content of the slides, the level of information provided and the very clear overview of the regulator context, and the roadmaps.

Alexia Pleinecassagne, RAQA Specialist, Medimaps Group SA

Al three speakers were extremely knowledgeable and approachable.

Elizabeth MacRae, Contracts Manager, Sitryx Therapeutics Limited

I certainly have more information after the webinar which set a good foundation for further research. I liked the biopharmaceuticals topics and the packaging slides. These were of particular interest to me. I liked the idea of breakout rooms. A good amount of material was covered over the two days and I enjoyed the idea of breaking up the presentations with exercises.

Ananthi Ramachandran, Quality Control Manager , Rentschler ATMP Limited