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Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry


Overall, I would recommend the webinar to people who are starting a career in clinical trials as it gives a good overview of all aspects of GCP.

Laure Bidois, Senior Advisor Regulatory Affairs, knoell

Great content and discussion. Very good presentation style... Very worthwhile presentation

Justine Campbell, Senior Technical Services Veterinaria, QBiotics

Great for anyone looking to build on their PV Vet knowledge - for beginners and more experienced PV professionals especially in line with the new EU Veterinary Regulations

Oluwafemi Odugbesan, , Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH

It was a very useful training that fulfil my necessities about the Industry standards for the Technology transfers... Bruce is very knowledgeable and he was continuously asking the participants to provide feedback and their own experiences.

Sergio Molina Zaragoza, Vice President Research and Development, Grifols Biologicals LLC

It was a well done webinar, the speakers were very competent and experienced. The content was informative

Helena Metzker, Clinical Research Associate, MSD Animal Health Innovation

I was hoping to achieve more knowledge about combination product and the regulatory documentations needed for the market authorisation and this was completely accomplished.

Greta Ferrari, Analytical Scientist, Chiesi Farmaceutici

Well designed course that covers the process in the right amount of detail for different delegates, and was very interactive in getting delegates ideas and comments on areas. Presentation was simple and easy to follow given how much there was to cover, and was very well presented from Declan.

Liam Aylwin, Internal Audit Manager, Dechra Pharmaceuticals

Understanding RFP and RFI were achieved, KPI session was very helpful and I learnt about oversight plan which I never knew about... Laura was very good, provided great content of the subject matter and discussions included were good and relevant.

Stephanie Yearwood, Senior Vendor Management Coordinator , IQVIA

I would recommend it to anyone with no experience of design controlled medical device development. A good overview with a good amount of detail.

Hugh Clark, Mechanical Engineer, Cambridge Design Partnership

Good pace. Mixture of text and graphics... David did a good job and was engaging considering that the course was online, which is always difficult.

Danny Kendall, Senior Physicist, Elekta Ltd