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Biopharmaceuticals, known colloquially as biopharma, are the point at which biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing meet. Biopharma is the application of living organisms or extractions, by-products or components of living organisms, to prevent, relieve, or treat diseases.

Management Forum’s biopharma training courses provide an extensive series of training opportunities covering a variety of topics, including the development of biopharmaceuticals, clinical trial requirements, manufacture, regulations and applicable standards. Our courses also provide insight into the use of emerging technologies and state-of-the-art processes.  


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US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) - Understanding Key Factors When Working with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Training Course

US FDA - Understanding Key Factors When Working with the FDA

12 Jul 2024 - Online webinar
Also on: 27 Nov 2024

This course has been designed to provide an essential overview of the critical factors when working with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  For those short on time this course is for you, as you will receive a focused and comprehensive overview of the key strategic considerations when making applications to the FDA.  

Presented by Andrew Willis (bio)

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