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Our life sciences training courses cover Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, IVDs, Biotech/Biopharma and Animal Health and have been designed to focus on regulatory affairs, clinical trials, pharmacovivilance, medical writing, latest developments, and best practices (GxP).  Our portfolio of events is extensive and provides training from basic to advanced levels in a variety of formats.  

The pandemic created numerous challenges across all areas of business worldwide and companies had to respond and adapt very quickly. Now, as the healthcare sector emerges stronger and with renewed strategy, life science companies continue to focus on key areas for development, explore the use of emerging technologies, and seek opportunities to harness collaborations and build resilience. 


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Sample course outlines include:

  • Biosimilars
  • Biotechnology for the Non-Biotechnologist

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices: The Clinical Evaluation Report
  • Clinical Quality Management Systems

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Sample course outlines include:

  • An Introduction to Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization for Medical Devices
  • An Introduction to ISO 11607 - Packaging for Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices

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Sample course outlines include:

  • An Introduction to the Design and Development of Medical Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Powered Signal Management

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Effective Technical Writing & Editing
  • Medical Writing for Medical Devices

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Unique Device Identification (UDI) and Labelling for Medical Device Manufacturers
  • A Practical Approach to Developing the CMC Package for Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products

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Sample course outlines include:

  • A Practical Guide to Producing and Maintaining the PSMF
  • A Practical Guide to Writing Risk Management Plans (RMPs)

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Good speaker and content was very well explained. It met absolutely all my expectations.


The content of the webinar was good, thorough. Paul answered any questions which I asked. With clear and concise reasoning. He made it easy to follow and not boring for someone with 4 years stability testing experience and basic knowledge. This has given me the tools I need to go back and hopefully improve the stability studies for the future. I enjoyed, I feel like I'm better prepared to justify the requirements of a stability study to my company. With an understanding of how to reduce costs and apply it to the industry I am in.

Elinor Jarvis, Quality Control Team Supervisor, Purolite Ltd

The webinar was presented very well with both speakers having a clear understanding of the changes and implications that the MDR will have. Both speakers were able to help with all questions with a clear understanding of their answers and applicability. Both speakers were very clear and very helpful with all questions and all parts were very informative, i really liked the workshops.

Louise Bateman, Quality Manager, Bedfont Scientific Ltd

Every item, but especially the topics of signal management & audits and inspections. I am grateful for the advise giving on how to approach audits/inspections.

Charlotte Lindorf Eriksen, Head of Pharmacovigilance, QPPV, Billev Pharma ApS

Overall, the speaker was very competent and added a lot of real-world examples and thus enabled better understanding of the theory/regulatory requirements presented. He is an excellent trainer.

Daniela Bausewein, Associate Director Clinical Safety Management, BioNTech SE

I really appreciated the rich content of the slides, the level of information provided and the very clear overview of the regulator context, and the roadmaps.

Alexia Pleinecassagne, RAQA Specialist, Medimaps Group SA

Training materials were detailed and easy to follow. Trainer was engaged and made sure that contents were delivered in a way that the Trainees could relate to.

Esther Okeudo, QA Specialist, JenaValve

Training materials were detailed and easy to follow. Trainer was engaged and made sure that contents were delivered in a way that the Trainees could relate to.

Esther Okeudo, QA Specialist, JenaValve

The speaker demonstrated a deep knowledge of all themes presented during the course. Sessions were well organized and enough time was dedicated to each of them.

Vincenzo Velleca, Global Safety Operations, Zambon SpA

I certainly have more information after the webinar which set a good foundation for further research. I liked the biopharmaceuticals topics and the packaging slides. These were of particular interest to me. I liked the idea of breakout rooms. A good amount of material was covered over the two days and I enjoyed the idea of breaking up the presentations with exercises.

Ananthi Ramachandran, Quality Control Manager , Rentschler ATMP Limited