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Commercial Law

Commercial agreements and contracts provide the foundation for businesses to operate and are fundamental to the success of a business. Without carefully constructed agreements, disputes and litigation are more likely. Whether you are looking to improve your legal drafting skills or simply keep abreast of the latest developments in international business law and best-practice, Management Forum offers a wide-range of commercial law courses for the in-house lawyer that are presented both as public and in-house training courses, in order to fulfil all your (and your department’s) training needs.


Sample course outlines include:

  • 3-day Drafting Commercial Contracts
  • 4-day International Commercial Contracts School

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens: Understanding new Technologies and the Relevant Law
  • GDPR: Compliance, Hot Topics for 2022 and Focus on DSARs

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Effectively Managing Legal Risk and Preserving Reputation
  • The 3-day Mini MBA for In-house Lawyers

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Excellent. I appreciate the detailed slides which I will go through again to recap what I have learnt. Even though I don't work with contracts at present, I feel confident that I can have a good go at drafting or reviewing a contract if asked to do so for the first time. So I am looking forward to stepping into this area of law.

Florence Clement-Harry, Solicitor,

I very much enjoyed the course and found it very valuable as it has direct relevant to my role. Mark's presentation of the content and the supporting slides and additional information exceeded my expectations.

Helen Astle, , London Pensions Fund Authority

Excellent focused content and speaker is engaging and very knowledgeable. Overall, very satisfied.

Cliona Cassidy, Barrister,

Good job, fantastic presentation

Arseniy Herasymiv, in-house lawyer, Qulity Area Limited

There was a huge amount of content - but it was presented with good materials and in an interesting way. Mark's enthusiasm and knowledge were clear.

Richard Vassall, Senior Commercial Manager, KBC Yokogawa

Mark was an adept and polished speaker and knew his subject matter inside out.

Mark Hindmarch, Sales Office Manager, Krohne Limited

Extremely interesting

Carlotta Ponzecchi, Legal Specialist, A Menarini Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite Srl

Looking to understand about the IT contracts as a customer and yes this was achieved. In some parts it was to detailed for me which was fine in other parts there was some good learning I took.

Vicky Baker, Business Systems Manager, Taylor Wimpey

[Mark] made what can be a dry subject interesting, he was interactive with us and checked in on us during the course and explained with good examples.

Vicky Baker, Business Systems Manager, Taylor Wimpey

I enjoyed all the real case examples to demonstrate how things can work in practice...I enjoyed all the real case examples to demonstrate how things can work in practice

Jennifer Keane, Head of Operations, Byrne Dean