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Commercial Law

Commercial agreements and contracts provide the foundation for businesses to operate and are fundamental to the success of a business. Without carefully constructed agreements, disputes and litigation are more likely. Whether you are looking to improve your legal drafting skills or simply keep abreast of the latest developments in international business law and best-practice, Management Forum offers a wide-range of commercial law courses for the in-house lawyer that are presented both as public and in-house training courses, in order to fulfil all your (and your department’s) training needs.


Sample course outlines include:

  • 3-day Drafting Commercial Contracts
  • 4-day International Commercial Contracts School

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Effectively Managing Legal Risk and Preserving Reputation
  • Managing and Leading an Effective In-House Legal Department

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Excellent speaker and knowledge.

Barry Gourlay, EMEA Procurement Manager, Sykes Global Services

The course content was excellent, broad and informative. In addition, I found the comparative study between the common law and civil law in different jurisdiction, educative and interesting. The presentation was conducted in a simplified way via case law scenarios. The presentation was engaging and of a higher level, in my view the presenter had exceeded expectations, furthermore the speaker possess a in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Thabo Pheto, Legal Advisor, North-West University

Mark is very knowledgeable and has great presentation skills. Content of the course is very relevant, excellent examples, interesting topics.

Nataliia Cherpak, Associate Legal Counsel, Webfleet Solutions

Would highly recommend this course to in-house lawyers.

Zera Ong, Commercial Associate, Evox Therapeutics

Content was great, very detailed but not unnecessarily weighing us down at all. It was presented very clearly and Mark used personal anecdotes and hypothetical relating to the course participants which kept everyone engaged.

Jacob Williams, Paralegal, Ltd

The course was really informative and the content relevant and educational. Mark is very knowledgeable and experienced which was great, and he shared a lot of great drafting tips that will help me going forward. Thank you for a great course!

Linda Stenberg, Senior Contracts Specialist, Boston Scientific Inti SA

The programme content was very detailed and included all the important points, the presentation was very good and the speaker delivered the information in a manner that was very easy for one to understand and assimilate.

Patricia Ifewulu, Company Secretary / Head of Legal & Compliance, Continental Reinsurance Plc

The course was excellent and at the end I can understand all the important legal issues which we should address when we negotiate an IT contract. Mark was excellent.

Maria Inês Nabais, Lawyer, Novabase Services - Management & Consulting Services, SA

The speakers appear to be passionate about the topic and the adjacent fields. Gave good insight in relevant cases and practice.

Martin de Vlaming, Legal Counsel, Erasmus MC

The content touched upon the most relevant parts of a clinical trial agreement, the presentation was good and the speakers knowledge and expertise also gave me more insight in the practical side of clinical trial agreements.

Angela Paltan, Legal counsel, Erasmus MC