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You in Your Small Corner and I in Mine

We must all do our bit to reduce damage to the environment. It behoves (great word, that) us to do so.

Leaving aside what we, as individuals can do to change our own personal behaviours, habits and domestic routines and priorities, we each need to ensure that the businesses we work in pursue sensible practices and processes.

I think that companies are getting better at reflecting our...

Making Plans

Business planning is never easy. It has always been educated guesswork at best, no matter how much it is dressed up as a sophisticated science based on close analysis of trends and markets and the use of the latest financial modelling and forecasting techniques.

And now, in businesses everywhere, 2020 budgets will be being stress-tested by beady-eyed accountants asking, ‘has Brexit been...

Influencing and Persuading – Art or Skill?

Imagine that you were suddenly invited to attend a one hour meeting with a very important stakeholder who has the power to effect great positive change for you and the organization you represent. Suppose that you had requested the meeting on a number of occasions and have been turned down because of the said individual’s lack of availability. Let us assume that on this occasion you have been...

The Leadership Lessons of Theresa May

Private Eye magazine had a heading in a recent issue which read, ‘Theresa May’s Legacy in full’ and that was accompanied by a blank page.

Philip Collins in The Times said, amongst other things that she: ‘never escaped from the iron cage she constructed for herself in the Brexit negotiations’; ‘lacked the verve to seal the deal’; and ‘never adapted her strategy to the loss of...

China Watch

It is worth taking a moment to reflect on the thirty years since Tiananmen Square – the symbolic event which represents the crushing of opposition factions in China – to reflect on that country’s evolving economic position in the world.

How best to sum it up? Strategic planning and implementation at its best would perhaps be China’s own assessment. Long term world economic domination at its...


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